Our Honeymoon Message – It's All About Love

Hello Dear Hearts, A little over a year later, we’ve finally taken our honeymoon… how are you finally rewarding yourself? Anthony wrote such a beautiful letter to his community, I wanted to share it with you. My love to you, Amy Dear Breathing Family, I have spent the most wonderful week in Morocco. Amy and […]

Are You In The Closet Too?

My husband announced to me a few days ago that it’s high time I come out of the closet. Yes, it’s true, I’ve been hiding something about myself for a very long time.  I guess I haven’t thought that people would get this about me, they would think it strange, or otherwise persecute what seems odd. […]

Perseverance & Tenacity

What if these qualities are key in reaching deeper states of connection and intimacy?  What if they can even heal our health – and heart? Sharing from the depth and purity of who we really are – warts and all – was the topic of last Sundays Tarot Temple. Do you allow yourself to ask for […]

What Rules Your Life?

Hello Hello! What rules your life? Whether careening out of control, or masterfully flowing through life’s joys and challenges – or somewhere in between – our (un)conscious commitments determine our experience.  What are you experiencing as a result of either conscious or unconscious commitments?  Ease to challenge, did a series of choices set up what you’re now going through? Back […]

From Turmoil to Tenacity

Dearest Reader, Happy Sunday. I know none of us are strangers to turmoil – wretched it is – gut wrenching agony.  Though having experienced plenty of it, it teaches me tenacity. tenacity | təˈnasədē | noun the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly: the quality or fact of being very determined; the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence. I especially like that last definition “the […]

Is Your Comfort Zone Killing You?

Hello Beloved Reader – whether you know it or not, you are be-loved by me!!!  Why?  Well why not? This afternoon, our group tarot card reading interweaved a powerful scenario that I’m sure applies to your life as well. Do you ever feel like there is a scream inside of you that isn’t being heard…. or […]

How Your Oddity Can Help Others – Ask Dr. Amy

Hello Dear Reader! I’m continuously amazed at the power of us!  I’m so fortunate to find out that a gift I have – what could be perceived as strange and odd – can help people! In yesterdays Ask Dr. Amy, we had another profound group reading that was impactful and emotionally moving.  Starting out, I asked […]

Your New Year Start: Progress or Pressure?

Hello Hello!How’s the start to your New Year?  Do you feel like you’re progressing, do you feel pressure, or perhaps a mix of both?Often we’re full of inspiration for a new start, excited about the possibilities, what we can achieve, and even recommitting to dreams we may lost sight of.  And if we’re progressing with the […]

Hair Loss Q&A

Q:  I been experiencing a serious hair loss in the last 3 or 4 weeks and I’m very concerned and worried about this situation. I wanted to ask you if there is anything I can do to stop this situation or improve it. A:  Hair loss typically has to do with stress, hormonal changes, and/or […]