How Your Oddity Can Help Others – Ask Dr. Amy

January 25, 2019
by Amy Rachelle


Hello Dear Reader!
I’m continuously amazed at the power of us!  I’m so fortunate to find out that a gift I have – what could be perceived as strange and odd – can help people! In yesterdays Ask Dr. Amy, we had another profound group reading that was impactful and emotionally moving.  Starting out, I asked each person to close their eyes and experience what they are feeling – in the moment – as a visual.  This image symbolizes a Tarot card each person represents for the session.  With a gift for vision, I weave the images together, processing the information that comes along with them. From this, a bigger picture reveals not only how we’re all connected, yet also offers personal insights that stay with the participants for some time… so they tell me.

One of the participants saw the image of woman standing shoreside, staring out at the mist.   Together we revealed her need to be held in sorrow.  Realizing she could hold herself, she melted in tears of release, and reclaimed a part of herself that yearning was robbing.  The whole group vicariously experienced a shift, as we witnessed her embrace of empowering self-love. It was both awe-inspiring and regenerative, for her and all of us.

So much happened in this hour that’s beyond words.  One person wrote me and said  “ I loved it, it brought me comfort and love.”

If you also question what it mean to fit in, wonder about your gifts, and how to use your oddity to help others – this free webinar may well be for you.

The next Ask Dr. Amy awaits you on Sunday.  Be seen and supported, loved and held in the wonder (and even weirdness) of you.

Sunday,  January 27th 
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In this inspiring and impactful 1 hour session experience:
-personal life and health issues addressed
-understanding yourself, and your body
-insight into your life direction
-empowering what you can do
-guidance for health issues
-being personally touched
Dr. Amy traces physical symptoms, to their emotional roots held in the body. She “reads” you like 
a map, bringing understanding and healing where needed, offering insight, inspiration, and direction.  People often ask Amy how she knows things about them that only they know, and how she does it!  A deep gift for vision allows her to see a person from a unique perspective… inspiring new ways of being, thinking, and feeling.

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