Amy Rachelle's

Experience & History

as a Teacher, Mentor & Fascilitator...

From 2009 - 2019

I taught 25 Teacher Training retreats in Ubud, Bali that were 3 weeks long, consisting of a 5 day raw food chef training, a 5 day detox, and 5 day business course.

The courses started off as a 10 day course, and eventually grew into 3 weeks. I wanted my students to not only be well-versed in their craft but also in business.

I also taught a women’s retreat for a few of those years, hosted many weekend workshops, and worked with loads of people privately while living in Bali.

Many years ago in Ubud, my husband founded Alchemy restaurant, we had a beautiful tropical life, and eventually built The Ark Retreat Center.

In 2015, Anthony’s health wasn’t well in a damp climate, so we left Bali, and moved to his beloved Italy. 


Amy is highly qualified professional in the field of health, body, detoxing, well-being and overall holistic lifestyle. If you are looking to improve your health, Amy is the one who can help you, guide you, coach you.

Zuzi, Czech Republic

My years of teaching on Bali, followed 7 years of teaching in my hometown of New York City.

Both NYC and Bali have been life-changing experiences for both me, and the thousands of people I’ve coached and taught.

Working with people since 2003, it’s trained me as a teacher top in her field – and as a business person earning a 6 figure income.  

And the story continues! Currently I’m taking time off from teaching, and am writing a new online program called Go Vegan.


Me and Anthony may be opening another center in Italy – and actually buying a village! Stay tuned!

I really enjoy the raw food courses, I loved the sharing with the other students, learned in group. I think it's great because it's accessible to everyone and I am happy to be able to do it when I am back home.

Carole, France
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