There’s a reason why you’re alive in these times...

Find Your Place & Purpose in a New World


Be the medicine
Working together we are the cure

Hi, I’m Amy Rachelle,

a naturopath, writer, teacher and performer

I believe we each carry a potency and power that’s exactly what these times need.

My passion is to help you wake up your wisdom so you can be incredibly healthy in mind, body and spirit.

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Gut Instinct

Women's Intuition & Nutrition

Food As Medicine & Group Readings
Nourished, Meet Your Superpowers
Looking to Get Healthy
Though Not Sure How?
Go Vegan Makes It Easy!
Ready To Own Your Power
Yet Need Guidance?
Work With Me Privately

Go Vegan gets you healthy, where it all begins.

Claim why you are alive in these times.
The world needs your gifts, more than ever.

Turn Confusion to Confidence & Fear to Fuel​

Working privately with me helps you to identify and cultivate your unique magic and medicine.

Move through negative self-talk and trauma.
Activate your piece of the puzzle that's the greatest version of you.

You = a part of the solution.​​
Natural Anti-Virus Guide

Build Your Immunity

Strengthen Body, Mind & Soul
Recipes, Remedies, & Practices

From a person to the planet, my work is about inspiring and implementing new ways of thinking and being - as we birth a new world of wonder together.

What's your piece of the puzzle?

What's your medicine that's an antidote to ailing times?​

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