Perseverance & Tenacity

April 10, 2019
by Amy Rachelle

What if these qualities are key in reaching deeper states of connection and intimacy?  What if they can even heal our health – and heart?

Sharing from the depth and purity of who we really are – warts and all – was the topic of last Sundays Tarot Temple.

Do you allow yourself to ask for support?  Are you suspicious when someone asks for support from you?

Delving into the purity of being – that place within where we allow ourself to be seen for who we truly are – surely is where deeper states of intimacy exists.  Does deep intimacy call you?  Do you relegate that for just one person in your life?

Our last Tarot Temple this past Sunday was about perseverance and tenacity.  After a very challenging week – of things not working, too many things to do, what “saved” me, was dropping my list for a whole day and going to the hot springs to soak, and the sauna to shed an overwhelmed tired mind and body.  I emerged renewed, and reconnected within.

What came to me from having the courage to let go of the pressure and story I put on myself to perform and all that goes with that – is it’s accompanying options/opposites:  developing perseverancethe ability to continue no matter the odds, and tenacitybuilding true determination and strength from taking time to let go, and get re-centered with my inner guidance.

Stepping into our Tarot Temple Sundays, I love how this shows up in our beautiful and insightful group as well. Amazing how life is continuously reflecting back to us our internal state for “better or worse.”

In that session, we uncovered the tenderness within us, the purity really – that place that calls us to strip down our inner barriers, to dissolve our shielded and guarded heart… and allow ourselves to be seen. Witnessed for what we may be embarrassed or ashamed of, or otherwise don’t allow others to see. We may hold a story that “when Mr./Miss Right comes”… then it will be safe to be seen.  Really?  Why wait?

The opportunity to lay down our guard, put aside our shield, and tenderly, nakedly be seen is what calls us now. We need not wait.  The time is now. It sure feels good to stop postponing the refuge and resilience that comes with it.

May we let go of assigning love to others outside of self, and claim it now for ourself – and gain willingness to be seen in all our conditions.  This is what came out of our Tarot Temple today.  It feels like breathing a deep breath of fresh air, of allowing a new season to bud and bloom from within, and to invite what we want the most to manifest in our lives:  deep love and true happiness.  It’s universal.

So I will leave you now with the same question I asked everyone in closing from our group that day: would you be willing to ask for support from at least one person in your life today, in the opening of your heart?  Yes, it’s a potential risk, and we face rejection, the fear of appearing weak, and a host of other stories that tell us “I don’t need anyone”… though is our inner dialogue always true?

In this week, may we expose our tender heart from the basis of safety within, where we have our own back – and admit, yes… I do need love, and I’m willing to be seen – all of me, naked, warts and all.

Drop me a line and let me know what happens when you open yourself to love this week. Is it calling you, from within you?  What risk are you willing to take to be seen in your purity, to share love’s longing to connect?

Much love dear hearts – may we persevere in love, and strengthen our tenacity for the many challenges of life – while not forsaking love along the way.  Viola, tuning in, I find its always been right there inside of me.
How precious to share with you from this tender place.

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