Are You In The Closet Too?

October 14, 2019
by Amy Rachelle

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My husband announced to me a few days ago that it’s high time I come out of the closet.
Yes, it’s true, I’ve been hiding something about myself for a very long time.  I guess I haven’t thought that people would get this about me, they would think it strange, or otherwise persecute what seems odd.
So – here it is – yes, I admit it… please forgive the rather new-age lingo, though it best explains it:  I’m a channeler, or what some people call a psychic – or person who see’s visions, has prophetic dreams, and feels things on an intense level that is usually disturbingly accurate.  I don’t love those words when referred to about myself (channeler, etc)… think of it as the ability to see, hear, feel, and sense in ways that appear other worldly to those who don’t.  For those of us who do, it’s obvious – even when undeveloped.
Have you also been living in the closet of heightened sensitivity – wondering if what you experience is “normal” – or concerned you’ve gone a bit coo coo?  Do you often know things before they occur, and say to yourself “I knew that was going to happen”?  Or do you have dreams and visions that come true?  Yes me too, since I was a child.  Time to be out with it.  The world needs us.
So, since it feels great to come out, be me, and let it be known… I know there are many of you who can benefit from being reminded that you’re sane, in an insane world, that has lost sight of what in ancient times was revered.  And, I know some of you would actually like to develop your own innate abilities. Can anyone do it?  We’re all doing it all the time, we just usually don’t know it.  What if we could develop and direct this force and do great good with it?  Claim your super powers, so you can :
-develop your emotional intelligence
-experience greater intimacy with yourself, and in relationships
-cultivate wisdom and understanding
-feel what’s best for you (develop self-trust)
-know what you really want
-know when it’s time for change, and invite transformation
-make choices to wisely guide your life
-do great good for yourself, and for others
-live a purposeful and rich life
Ready to get started?  Here’s my 6 steps to help you move forward with developing your intuitive abilities – your birthright really:
1.  do a detox:  clear your body and mind, empty out so you have space to receive information.  Make quiet and stillness your best friend, this is where messages exist.
2.  meditation:  develop the observer inside of you, so you can tell the difference between what’s actual wisdom and messages, and what’s mental chatter.  Equanimity and consistency is key.
3.  in your meditation, focus your attention between your brows – open your “3rd eye”.
4.  trust the information you receive, go with your first insights.  Avoid over-thinking. It robs intuition.
5.  act upon the messages – this is how they get stronger.
6.  be agenda free:  dedicate yourself to the higher good, and use your abilities only for the good of all.
It’s similar to learning a language.  The more you practice, the stronger, more clear, and precise it becomes.  And when you submerge yourself in that culture, it’s as if you’re learning by osmosis – you become saturated by it.  Like to experience that for yourself?  Join our Tarot Temple webinar on Sundays.  That’s what we do.  We’re a community and culture, moved by the magic and miracles that happen when intuition leads the way, and we come out of the closet – normalizing what’s natural.
Soon we will have a course ready for you to go deeper in your intuitive development.  Till then, keep practicing, do a private reading with me, and join us in Bali this May.  Together on retreat, we not only learn about body and soul health, yet also  how to healthfully intuitively read, and live our life from this place, unrestrained!  We’re fully out now!
Here’s more on Sundays Tarot Temple/Ask Dr. Amy:
And more on our Bali retreat, May 20 – June 7:
Much love!

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