What Rules Your Life?

February 27, 2019
by Amy Rachelle

Hello Hello!
What rules your life?
Whether careening out of control, or masterfully flowing through life’s joys and challenges – or somewhere in between – our (un)conscious commitments determine our experience.  What are you experiencing as a result of either conscious or unconscious commitments?  Ease to challenge, did a series of choices set up what you’re now going through?
Back to Ibiza this past week to move out of our house after subletting it for 8 months, it was a huge and emotional job.  Tired and needing rest, our schedule didn’t really allow us to stop. We had ourselves tightly booked with many commitments that didn’t include allowing for what a big move can bring.  Do you also have (un)conscious commitments that keep you on the move constantly?
Making a mistake on our booked ferry, our unconscious commitment was revealed. Ha – we said to ourselves.  We so needed rest, yet we weren’t allowing for it – so we unconsciously found a way to get that need meet.  Making the commitment conscious, we’ve stayed on sunny warm beautiful Ibiza for a week instead, and slowed right down, unpacked a packed schedule – and made different choices that support our true needs.
How can we harness life’s storms?  And alchemize them into strength and courage?
Gaining a different perspective on our choices and commitments is what we explore on our Tarot Temple/Ask Dr. Amy Sunday sessions, coming up today in just a few hours.
“Thank you for your loving expression of your gifts, and for creating a community of like-minded people to support each other. You shared with me much to ponder today… ”  Monique, Washington

“Thank you Amy for sharing your insight and taking this time every Sunday!” David, NY
Thank you Amy, thank you all for this wonderful space”. – Nicole, Zurich

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