Holiday Stress? 5 Tips

Do Holidays Stress You & Your Body?  5 Quick Tips To Maintain Your Stability & Sanity This Season: 1.  TO THYSELF BE SURE Only do what you truly want to do – avoid attempting to please others. 2.  OVERINDULGING?  MAKE CONSCIOUS CHOICES.  CREATE BOUNDARIES Instead of playing now, and paying later, choose how you want to feel. Let […]

Completion Cycles & Why I'm Hurting w/Cooked Food

Hello Fellow Soul Seeker, Coming to the end of 2018, how have you’ve shifted and grown?   I’m curious what you’re completing at the close of the year, and what beckons your heart entering 2019?  Lured by longing, a restless spirit, or the desire to capture your glory – surely by identifying completion cycles – […]

Busy? 10 Tips For Taking Care of Yourself – No Matter What…

Busy?  10 Tips For Taking Care of Yourself – No Matter What… 1.  Observe your thoughts…  are they helping or hindering you? 2.  Drink at least 3 liters of filtered water daily. 3.  Plan what you’re going to eat beforehand. 4.  On the move, make it an exercise – instead of laborious, get into it! 5.  Keep on eye on the bigger […]

Is Your Heart Open?

Hello Dear Hearts, Have you experienced what it feels like to been seen as soul, acknowledged for the depths of who you are, and how your uniqueness?  Working intuitively with individuals, and now groups – my heart melts to be given the honor and permission – to experience “strangers” on this level. It’s instant intimacy. […]

Do You Have Parasites?

Happy Fall Season! As the coolness of autumn falls upon the western hemisphere, and summer slips away – how are you handling life’s one constant? Change… the one thing that remains the same. I write you on board a flight from NYC to Rome. It’s been an amazing, beautiful, and challenging 7 weeks stateside, in my homeland.  Change is […]

Still Have IT Going On?

Dearest Reader, Good day –  from New York City. The slight hint of fall is in the air, a relief after the sweltering month of August – I actually love it. As I was walking down the street this morning – in summer shorts and tank – a very bright homeless man in a wheel chair, in true NY street style said:  […]

The Problem With Following Your Heart

Hello Dear Hearts, How was your week?  New York City stirs me in curious ways, and inspired today’s writing. Amateur to pro – shamans, charlatans, and wise people alike – suggest we follow our heart.  Though do they warn us of the potential pitfalls, or problems to prepare for?  Is that even possible? Sitting in a corner coffee shop […]

Lonely? Do You Receive?

Hello My Dearest Reader, Thank you for reading, I love you… here’s what I’m thinking about this week…. So many of us long for love, work hard for money – and “go for broke”  – pursuing goals and dreams, people and places. Though, do we at the same time sit back and receive all we […]

Handling Others Hurt…

Hello Hello! How’s your week been?  Arriving stateside, things sure feel and look different than the rolling hills of Italy that I just came from.  Acclimatizing to varied views can mean using different parts of oneself.  This place can expand us and offer great insights – and it can also create resistance – destabilizing our […]