Is Your Heart Open?

October 2, 2018
by Amy Rachelle

Hello Dear Hearts,
Have you experienced what it feels like to been seen as soul, acknowledged for the depths of who you are, and how your uniqueness?  Working intuitively with individuals, and now groups – my heart melts to be given the honor and permission – to experience “strangers” on this level. It’s instant intimacy. It proves our vulnerability is our greatest strength.  And to be real our greatest asset.  It also shows being seen for who we really are can be safe.
“Tapping into” and listening to the messages each person’s system is revealing in these sessions, a bigger picture forms, showing the message for one, is also the message for all.
I never know what will come about.  Today’s theme turned out to be – “how do I know if my heart is open?”  In response, the question I offered was – “What about that succulent, sweet, and tender place inside of you that longs for intimacy, attention, and care?  It it nurtured by you?  Is it heard and held by you?”
“What does that mean?” one of the participants asked.  “And how do I do that?”
I asked her and all the participants to tune into the center of their chest.  Listening to their heart, some said that didn’t notice much, others felt tension, and yet another felt “content.”
As each person went deeper, something else began to happen.  Being acknowledged for who we are, rather than what we look like, how much money we make or don’t, etc…. has a way of connecting us like nothing else.
Maybe we know our heart is open to the degree of intimacy we consistently experience. And perhaps our greatest pain is when that is connection is cut off, derailed, or otherwise distorted.
Is your heart open?  Do you trust its safe to be as tender as you likely are?  May we take the risk to find out what else is possible, when we explore – and implore – our heart to open.
If not to love, what else is life really for?  Surely an open heart is key.
Love & Support,

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