Busy? 10 Tips For Taking Care of Yourself – No Matter What…

October 31, 2018
by Amy Rachelle

Busy?  10 Tips For Taking Care of Yourself – No Matter What…

1.  Observe your thoughts…  are they helping or hindering you?

2.  Drink at least 3 liters of filtered water daily.

3.  Plan what you’re going to eat beforehand.

4.  On the move, make it an exercise – instead of laborious, get into it!

5.  Keep on eye on the bigger picture of what you really want.

6.  Breathe, even when moving fast – are you breathing?

7.  Ask for a hug at least once every day.

8.  Tune in to yourself often, even in a meeting.

9.  Steal a few moments first thing in the morning to move and meditate.

10. Duck out for short breaks throughout the day, and check in with yourself to avoid


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