Handling Others Hurt…

September 27, 2018
by Amy Rachelle

Hello Hello!
How’s your week been?  Arriving stateside, things sure feel and look different than the rolling hills of Italy that I just came from.  Acclimatizing to varied views can mean using different parts of oneself.  This place can expand us and offer great insights – and it can also create resistance – destabilizing our inner world and healthy habits.  It’s often a fine line between making mistakes, and meeting miracles.
I’m wondering how you feel, when you catch your own mistakes. Especially the infuriating, repeated ones that crop up again and again… likely when we’re most tired.  Personally, I can lean towards being hard on myself.  Which can make over-indulging chocolate, and working harder attractive, yet counter-productive defaults that only compound things.
What happens for you, when you make a mistake – again – of the same nature?

Opening my mind to another perspective, because it skipped over self-punishment/addictive tendencies, I received the little miracles of two experiences this week. Amazing how so much is in our minds!
Flying to the states a few days ago, I realized I left behind my wallet.  In a semi-panic, I remembered taking out all my US dollars and pounds – along with my US SIM card – and putting it in my passport bag that I took with me.  Whew ok, I could temporarily be without my cards, and had somehow even prepared for forgetting my wallet!
Flash forward a few days to a little family gathering. Repeating the same “mistake” again, I left my purse in the car that my sister then took off in for a few days trip.  Now no card or cash!  Urghh I said to myself, and now the old self-punishment tapes were getting louder. Though I just breathed and stayed relaxed and choose not to grind on old thoughts of worthlessness because I had done it again!   Later that evening, my sister called, and had trouble with her card checking into a hotel. Stressed, embarrased and upset – it became very clear why I had left my bag in the car… she needed the cash!  Another mini-miracle.
It seems perspective is everything, i.e. how we view things, think about ourselves as a result, and therefore respond.  I love the opportunity to remain clear and calm, make different choices, and avoid being reactive and self-harming.
Do you have mistakes in your life right now (or the past), that also carry a miracle of sorts, or teaching?   Opening to this place, clearly we learn more, self-worth grows, and perhaps tendencies towards acting out with food and such naturally get put into place. Amazing what changing our view can do.
Bless your week coming. May any mishaps or mistakes, past or present, give you the opportunity for a miracle.
My love to you,
Dr. Amy

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