Distracted Or Staying True?

September 27, 2018
by Amy Rachelle

Dearest Reader,
With so much to do in a day, how are we to keep focused on what our heart calls for – or even know what that is?  There are endless distractions that can usurp our focus, distracting us in work, a myriad of chores, other peoples needs, internet wondering, and on it goes.
If I find myself, irritable, impatient, and actually not feeling good about myself as a result – I usually discover I’m not focused enough on following my hearts call (and mission). When I ask myself why, then look at how I’m spending my time, I see how easy I can get caught up in distractions.
On the road now for 3 weeks, we’re in search of a new home, and village we can buy or become a part of.  We’re looking to build a community and school for our work – and other holistic practitioners.  A kind utopia where like minds can join together.
It’s quite a focus, and at the same time, I also have other strong commitments. Our twice a year raw chef/detox Bali retreat is coming up, Teacher Training soon starts, and I’m writing a book and a new program, while maintaining clients online, and classes. I love it… and my heart also pulls me toward singing and performing – hence the next 6 weeks coming up in NYC for training!
I find that the temptation – in fulfilling these many passions of the heart – is to forget to live now. Outside of Presence, cravings can get strong, and I can even forget why I’m doing it.  Over indulging chocolate, caffeine, and such can be a favored way of coping. Meanwhile the body tires, accumulates toxins, and distraction from simply being can lead me into feeling chaos.
What’s the balance for you in staying true to what makes you feel alive, while taking care of responsibilities?
Maintaining basics with myself is what helps me most:
1.  protecting a few hours of morning time as a ritual for self-care
2.  meditation, even if I only have a few minutes
3.  3 liters of water/herbal tea/fresh juice in the morning (no food)
4.  pooing 3 times daily (this really makes me watch what I eat, and reminds me to slow down)
5.  stretching/yoga, even just 15 minute resets me
6.  dog walking
7.  communicating with loved ones and asking for support
9.  setting regular times for what’s important to me, and not letting other things get in the way – committing to it
What does staying true to yourself mean for you? What do you need as basics for your own sense of (inner) stability?  Are you distracted from it?  If so, why?

If there’s anything that keeps us from staying true, we know that’s where our inner work is.  For surely, if we’re crabby, sharp, or not liking self – then there is likely a deeper need for self-care.  The old food and substance crutch that often compensates for not following our heart – can never take the place of what it calls for.
How’s your heart calling you, beyond distractions?
Much Love,

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