Reinventing & Reclaiming Self

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and all is well in the woods of Italy – living off grid.  We have bountiful excellent water you can drink from the tap, and it’s heated from the fireplace. Candles light up our little cottage at night that overlook mountains forever…. and soon, we will install solar […]

Learning To Relax & Balance, 7 Tips

Many people go to Bali in search of beauty, peace, and healing.  With that, others, like myself, go to facilitate and be part of a mass surgance in consciousness.  Ubud, an ancient town meaning medicine for thousands of years, is the biggest international hub on Earth I know for “people on the path.” It’s quite […]

April News, Finding Your Voice & True Health – 6 Quick Tips

Dear Beloved Reader, Thank you for your loyalty over the years…. many of us have been together a long time. I’m changing the format of our monthly news to maximize your receiving, while minimizing the effort.  Less text, and more direct information, bathed in intimacy. No matter the topic or turn of events, I believe […]

Taking Supplements

Don’t let the word “natural” fool you.  Many labels say that.  You can’t be sure it’s from a food source, and not a synthetic force, unless you research the ingredients specifically with the manufacture making them.  This is very important, as synthetic supplements (which are the majority on the health food market), can be quite damaging to the liver, […]

Running Tired Too Often? 9 Ways To Build Energy

Do you find yourself more busy and tired than you would like to be? Are you exhausted a good deal of the time? Even if you’re doing only what you love – too much of a good thing will likely wear you out.  And if passion isn’t robust in a full routine, then we’re probably […]

Feb. 2016 News, Candida & Cure

Hello hello! I’m on my way to Dubai next weekend, where I’ll teach a detox work shop at a yoga festival (  The organizers asked me to write an article on candida – which I’d like to share with you in a more personal and intimate way. Almost half a lifetime ago, my health was devastated […]

News, January 2016

I’m writing you from inside our Magic Golden Bullet – Gracie. She’s our beautiful spaceship like camper that’s taken us in the past few months from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, France, and Spain – and now back to Italy again. Soon we’ll park her, and return to Bali business for a short time, then NYC […]

Going Beyond Raw: Why I May Eat Cooked Again, Oct. '15 Newsletter

I’m writing you from high on a hill, up in the sky from a 15th century medieval stone village, in Italy’s central land of Tuscany.  It’s so ancient and reminiscent of romance; as the old shares its story with the new through aged architecture, cobble stone streets, grape vines, and olive trees. If the stone […]

Summer to Fall Support, 2015

How has your summer been? Coming to the end of another summer season in the west, and headed into fall, we’re typically gearing up again for work and school.   Are you feeling regenerated and refreshed?  How’s your self-care as a daily practice?   Letting go and relaxing may be exactly what we want, though not always […]