The Road of Receiving: 7 Tips for Getting What You Want

I’m writing you on a plane, after 5 months of constant travel. As I’ve journeyed, the different seasons, cities, climates, and terrains bring to mind the continuous cycle of life and death that’s constantly shedding – and simultaneously recreating itself. Staying in balance and harmony with this natural force within myself, probably like you, I’m […]

Faith, Forgiveness, Trust & Bali – Part 2

Hello My Friend, I thought it had been an intense month… wow – it could only prepare me for what was to come. How about you? Every beginning has an end, and every end has a beginning – like seasons start to stop, to cycle yet again.  Birth eventually meets death, and another life springs forth […]

Faith, Forgiveness, Trust & Bali – Part 1

Dearest Reader, It’s been a very intense past month or so, how about you? “No more, I just don’t have the bandwidth for more third world bleeding and bureaucracy.”  Anthony emphatically tells me as we enter the next level of doing business on Bali.  It took over a year and a hefty lump of finance, […]

Feb. News, Why Believe In Love? 9 Reasons

Why Believe In Love? Why believe in love, anything, or anyone really? What’s the significance of belief and how it drives us? What we believe in gives value, validity, and weight to what we deem important, and how we direct our lives. Without it, we may feel stuck, stagnate, and otherwise impaired. Yet with some […]

Jan. News. Ready? Welcoming Not Knowing

Ready? To take the leap, jump in with both feet, while taking it one step at a time? To sail with the wind in your hair, to live without a care, and share great intimate rapture? To realize love, peace, and harmony with all existence, embracing resistance, while opening even more to all life has […]

Dec. News, Welcome 2017

What an amazing group we just experienced our first ever Holistic Nutrition & Detox Teacher Training on Bali, 3 weeks of raw cheffing and detoxing.  Such beautiful souls, well-equipped to go back to their veg cafe, coaching business, or about to start up business – empowered and ready to coach, facilitate, and teach. To kick […]

Nov. News, Managing Stress

Sometime life is so surreal; it begs the question of what’s real. Yes, stranger than fiction – often. When the thing you’ve feared for a long time comes true, or life gets extra intense, what happens to your wellbeing and self-care? Sitting in the immigration office of a third world country, I write you in […]

Sep. News, What Do You Really Want?

Fellow Magic Makers…. The earth shakes, the ground beneath your feet becomes unsteady, and without a thought your life changes forever.  Whether metaphorical or literal, this is what thousands of people in Italy experienced last month, as did many others around the world, in different ways.  This is life in changing times, may we welcome it, […]

Aug. News, Welcoming Change

Dearest Reader, Happy summer (or winter for those in AU and the east)!  Ah, my favorite time of year.  Living in Bali for so long, I almost forgot other seasons exist besides sticky wet hot.  Spending less time there and experiencing the full range of seasons again for the first time in 7 years, I […]