Jan. News. Ready? Welcoming Not Knowing

January 10, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

To take the leap, jump in with both feet, while taking it one step at a time?
To sail with the wind in your hair, to live without a care, and share great intimate rapture?
To realize love, peace, and harmony with all existence, embracing resistance, while opening even more to all life has in store?
To uncover hidden talents, buff the diamond in the rough, blow the roof off your upper limits…. and expand your greater purpose – and service – to all humanity?
Ready, Set, Go.
Let’s do this.  All of it.  The messy and morose, the beauty and the burden.  Complicated, and where we feel deflated.  The charmed and celebratory – to the ugly and awkward.  Bring it on, open wide, kneel in humble humility with hands in prayer at the heart, and say yes.  Acknowledging that yes often starts with “no” and echo’s of “I can’t”, “I’m too much”, “I’m not good enough,” and “I don’t know how.”
Whatever it is that puts a lid on your upper limit, are you ready to blow it open?
Let’s begin by entering this equation with Not Knowing.  Are you sitting at the altar of What You Really Want, though befuddled on how it will happen, and perhaps not fully going for it?
Two years ago, it became very clear – after many years – our beloved Bali base was no longer home.  It took a long time to admit it, to see the signs clearly, and let go. Though, the last time Anthony almost died from parasites there, the messages couldn’t have been any stronger.  So we left, and decided to remain in the Great Not Knowing.  Instead of making decisions on where we would live next, how life would be or look, we made the choice to be with the only certainty there truly seems to be – Not Knowing.  Besides, if we don’t admit and embrace Not Knowing, is what we know truly informed?
It’s been a wild, bumpy, tumultuous, and awe-inspiring journey.  All the while we longed for home, and consciously choose to stay afloat, until life showed us what to do.  Exchanging one set of security for another, just to feel secure, felt like potential capped.  It’s often been quite disconcerting at times living homeless in the maelstrom of The Great Not Knowing – experiencing the discomfort of dishevelment – yet it’s also been very freeing and rewarding.
Last month, life brought us a magical and isolated seaside house, on top of a cliff, over looking water for 240 degrees.  Ibiza found us. We weren’t looking, and were free enough to say yes, after so many no’s.

What we’ve learned is to let go (yes again and more), clean house, and don’t fill it back up again just because it’s empty.  The voice inside reminds me to relish the freedom of spaciousness, and be very mindful of what I add, as clutter crowds possibility.
How much space do you have to receive what life wants to give you?  Perhaps there’s less to do, and more to feel; less to work hard for, and more to vision – with clarity and consistency as guide. May we enter the Great Not Knowing, stay steady, and manifest our soul’s beckoning.  Ready?  How is the Great Not Knowing calling you, in order to fulfill your greatest hearts desire?
Blow the lid off and make space in the mind, replacing “I can’t” with “I can”, “I don’t know how” with “I am open” with “I am good enough, just as I am.”   Clear space in the body with a New Years Cleanse (see below), and be supported by opening to the depths of intimacy – in all the forms it takes – and all the ways it shows up, moment to moment by surrendering to… The Great Not Knowing.

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Based in New York City, Amy Rachelle is a naturopath specializing in raw and whole food nutrition combined with detoxification, and understanding oneself, science to spirit.  She created Pure Raw in 2005 and has since coached thousands in living and eating healthier. Her work is a successful and proven formula that helps people to:

  • develop lifelong habits for eating and living healthy, physical to emotional, personal to professional.
    • balance body weight
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    • be free of digestive difficulties, colitis, constipation, bloating, headaches, candida, gas, headaches, dark circles under eyes, back pain, & fatigue
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