Q&A – Understanding Stored Gasses

December 19, 2016
by Amy Rachelle
Q: Dear one I have a question,
I searched the internet for hours/days to find a answer for a symptom which i have for years already.

Since several years (maybe 5 years) I belch a lot. The burps come with quite a lot of air and pressure. As soon as I belch I feel immediately more space to breathe. I feel the belching is not coming from my digestive system but i could be wrong…..
It feels like the air comes from deeper tissues/cells/arteries but I really don’t know if that’s possible….
My body feels bloated on a cellular level and when it finds it way out it gets somehow stuck in my airway.
Sometimes I burp automatically and sometimes I need to force it to come out.
Also I noted when a friend of mine gives me a massage she is burping all the time. That’s just one of her techniques to release stuck energy etc etc from the person she gives a massage, she said.
So from this point of view you would say it also could be an energetic thing, right?
I already found the answer.
I read an very interesting article from Matt Monarch about the ‘Blood gas theory’ and that completely resonates.

A: Hi! Yes, you’re absolutely right, check this out (probably who Matt Monarch learned it from)…

visit: Fred discusses the upper GI Tract and how it is related to bacterial nesting, off gassing, cellular pressure.
Fred Bisci… he’s the one who brought this to the raw community.
Wanted to write you a bit more about this… so, basically when we eat foods the body can’t break down, experience intensity of emotions, have a low immune system, a lack of digestive enzymes (including HCL) are under stress, all the above, etc…. – in other words if we’re not able to properly break down what’s going on biologically and emotionally… the body off gasses. This gas ends up trapped in tissue, cells, organs, glands – the whole body. It’s a companion of inflammation, over stimulation, dehydration, stagnation (of the blood), and constipation. I call this the Stimulant Cycle. And again, one of its byproducts besides mucous and accumulated toxins, is gas. And loads of it. This is why when you get massage, if the person is empathic – and empathetic – to you, they may also release gas from their system at the same time you do… as massage can be great for releasing it. As is colonics, enemas, and all the cleansing practices you have learned in our work, and in general. And of course – managing one’s lifestyle habits so we’re not consuming inflammatory foods, living a high stress life, and in general unhappy in relationships… and likely low on will to live. You’ve been on an intensive healing journey for some time now, and made great progress. Understanding stored gasses is a deepening of your knowledge – that applied in a continued diligent way – will likely be key in building your immune system. How’s your emotional world within? As you already know, in my view, coupling your deeper emotional work (and where it takes you), along with all the physical work (great you’re getting the gas download), is another great leap in your healing journey dear.

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