Faith, Forgiveness, Trust & Bali – Part 1

April 12, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Dearest Reader,

It’s been a very intense past month or so, how about you?
“No more, I just don’t have the bandwidth for more third world bleeding and bureaucracy.”  Anthony emphatically tells me as we enter the next level of doing business on Bali.  It took over a year and a hefty lump of finance, though we now have a brand new legal machinery that’s akin to a running a complex Ferrari – we actually thought we bought a simple Toyota.
There’s a part of me that wants to save him from the bleed by taking on the bureaucracy. Then there’s the part of him that wants to save me from operating outside my league – in an arena where sharks and snakes extort – then eat foreigners for lunch.
I learn that fulfilling dreams can often mean not only encountering magic and miracles along the way, yet also demons and dragons.  Walking in an enchanted forest filled with fairies and feathered friends; it could be easy to ignore the forces that reinforce your biggest fears.   It teaches me to keep fully switched on, relaxed, though no dozing off.  Landscapes – beyond ideals – are mutable. Surely if the learning curve doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.
Are you going for your dreams – or dreaming of them – though faced with what keeps you from fully living them?  Do the stakes seem as high as your passion?  Yes my friend, I can relate, and write you from as much trepidation, as determination.
Just when we’re about to crack, break under the weight of it all, or what we perceive our burdens to be – coming up for air – we may find suffering is often optional. Buried and blinded by what we’ve made bigger, shackled to unconscious commitments and reactivity, our choices narrow and become accompanied by “I have to”, “I have no choice”, “I’m trapped”, and “There’s not enough for me.”
My….  the stories we tell ourselves. One of mine has been the bitchy bad cop. On guard for yet another rip off or deception that confirms my suspicions (especially in regards to doing business on Bali).  Just the other day, I heard the voice inside reminding me that this painful behavior is optional… oh right, I don’t “have to” police and patrol.  There are other ways to more appropriately protect and grow our investment without feeling horrible, and enacting old fear patterns.
Do you tell yourself stories that keep the hamster going around the wheel?  You know the ones that keep you outside your dream in repetitious “have-to’s”?
Aside from quagmires and conundrums, there’s yet another voice inside that reminds me to step out of story and witness, and forgive my own flailing, fallibility, and humanness. Just forgive myself in general.  Including insecurities, stories, perfectionism, and constructs. We do it to ourselves, and can undo it to.
Listening to this kinder and wiser voice, it calms and quiets me.  It asks me to be aware of where I put my attention, and invest in trusting The Bigger Picture.  Beyond scraping and scratching, worry and obsessing – is spaciousness – and faith lived in our Deeper Undisturbed Self.
Part 2 to come soon….
Much Love,
Dr. Amy
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