Getting Menstrual Cycle Back

February 15, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Student: Hi Amy, It’s been a while.. I hope you have settled well back to NYC as well as enjoyed your time in Ibiza. What a wonderful place to discover.

I’ve been thinking of you lots lately and if you were still in Bali, would’ve tried to come to see you. 

My partner and I got married in August which was extremely special. In November we decided we would start trying to have a baby. However, ever since I have no longer got my periods (used to always be regular and had already come out of a pill 3 years ago).
Nothing else in my life has changed – I’ve been on the same roughly 70% raw food diet, eating gluten, dairy or sugar very rarely (meat hardly ever). Alcohol sometimes but not more than before. And in general I’ve been very healthy with regular yoga practices, not too stressed at work, sleeping well. I haven’t been sick for two years except this Christmas, when I had high fewer and was sick for a few days. I’ve been doing 3 x 4-5 day juice cleanses per year, last one in November. 

If you have any tips regarding nutrition or what to focus on that could help getting my periods back again, or any other comments, I would really appreciate hearing from you.

With love..
Dr. Amy:  Nice to hear from you!  Lovely!

I’m so happy for you – how wonderful you got married and now wanting to have a child, gives me goose bumps!!!
I will be in Bali for about 6 weeks, starting next week – so if you can come then, you’re very welcome!!!
It’s very common on the healthy eating/lifestyle/detox path that at a certain point, often a few years into it – that you’re period may stop.  Often stress is a part of it – though, in your case, you haven’t had stress really, and it sounds like not so many variable have changed in your life… though clearly your body is giving you  signs of something else.
Here’s my general take on what’s happening with you….  Any shift in diet/detox – whether for the more healthy, or less – can cause the channels of elimination to shift.  For us as women, this can also be with our menstrual  cycle – SUPER common.  I’ve seen women not bleed for up to 2 years even.  In essence, when my sense it that
your blood/elimination flow is congested basically.  Instead of the blood thinning (from the womb lining), as it will with time, once your body adjusts and stabilizes – the blood actually coagulates from slow circulation in the womb… We can see this as a natural to the body no longer needing to over compensate for oxygen to the womb being slowed
by a heavier diet… oxygen/circulation is increasing, though we’ll experience it in the beginning (years even) sometimes as a very heavy flow, or if so thick – it may even stop the flow, and at the same time our hormones may go a bit tweaky (our of balance).  I encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing with all your healthy practices, keep patient and listening to your body – and balance will return, and you will bleed again.  The blood may come as very thick, dark (or even black), and even smell very strong.  This is all the old back up your womb has been accumulating for a very long time – not just since your cycle stopped.  It may also be spotty to start.  After a few months, and once any heavy bleeding has past (and even very heavy cramping for some) – once your womb has sufficiently cleansed itself – you’ll likely no longer have intense cramps and pain, the
blood will flow with ease and not too much – or too little. It will be bright red, and have little to no smell.  After many years of being on this path, your cycle may go down to just 2-3 days, and be just an absolute joy and pleasure – as we celebrate the absolute beauty
and privileged of being a woman, and what that means – with our cycle being representative of that.  It’s no longer a burden or irregular…
All of those state indicate an imbalance in a woman’s body… that you’re now experiencing with it stopping.  Just continue, and know it will return.  The more tuned in you are to your womb, ovaries, and being the woman you are – the better… the great beauty, lesson, and
benefit of what you’re experiencing – is the return to being aware of yourself as a woman, and all the treasure that comes with it – so long as we understand ourselves, and our cycle as an indicator to self/health awareness. Here’s an exercise to help you with that… it works  wonders.  I had clients who haven’t bleed in some time, begin right away:
1.  Get into a quiet meditative place, where you won’t be interrupted.
2.  Place one hand on your heart center, and tune into it.. then drop your attention down
into your ovaries, and place the other hand on that area.
3.  Feel your heart and ovaries/womb and tubes all connected together.  Breathe into them, letting go, and surrendering your awareness unto your female organs, and heart center (the thymus gland, located in the center of your chest).
4.  Now place both hands onto your ovaries.  Keep breathing into them, out from them.
5.  Drop your ears into your ovaries… listen to them, what are they telling you? Listen closely to your female organs.  Allow all sensations, feelings, thought, and messages to surface… just listening. If it brings emotion, allow yourself to fully feel them. If tears come, or any feeling – give it space, attention, allowance, and complete acceptance.
6.  Once you feel clear… begin to rotate your ovaries counter clock-wise, with your awareness.  Like you’re opening a jar.  Imagine them opening, softening, and coming to life.  Keep listening to them, feeling, and experiencing them.
7.  Keep with this for at least 5 minutes… give this process as much time as you can, each morning when you wake up (or morning time), and before going to sleep (or evening time)… keep with this practice consistently, feeling how it may affect your ovaries, how you feel, while welcoming your menstrual flow.
Consistency is key! Keep with it!  Relax into it, listen closely to your female organs, and what it feels like to be a woman.  Enjoy!!!  This is your birthright – to be closely connected with yourself, and female organs.  Get to know how much “power’ you have with your body… it only does what the mind tells it to. May this be a conscious process that allows you to fully connect with yourself. Often we lose our cycle because we’ve lost connection to ourselves as a woman.  Welcome your tenderness, sensitivity, feelings – and all you are. May you in-joy yourself fully.
Let me know how it goes!!!
Much love!

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