Feb. News, Why Believe In Love? 9 Reasons

February 15, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Why Believe In Love?

Why believe in love, anything, or anyone really?

What’s the significance of belief and how it drives us? What we believe in gives value, validity, and weight to what we deem important, and how we direct our lives. Without it, we may feel stuck, stagnate, and otherwise impaired. Yet with some beliefs, we may be impaled by what we’ve inherited, what we’re conditioned by, or what’s been imposed upon us – and ultimately what we may have bought into.
In a modern day world of quick fixes, fast solutions, and snake oils – it’s no wonder we may not believe in love – or much of anything, and even be cynical and bitter. This is understandable, yet potentially fatal when it comes to the most important belief of all… some say that’s the belief in self. Perhaps what believing in oneself truly means is beyond beliefs, and it really means knowing self? Is knowing self/self-love the turning point in not only our personal growth, yet also in our collective human evolution?   Thinking, feeling, and acting from a deeper state of inner reflection – rather than what’s popularized and in politics – surely sets a different stage, that the drama we may find in our lives, and in mass culture.
What’s beyond belief then? For me, consistent connection to the ever shifting and changing inner terrain within that listening to my body and inner voice reveals. Devoted to, this place of mystery offers me fresh insights that my unconscious beliefs tend to defend with rigidity, rights and wrongs. For example, if my lover and I have a fight, I can continue to project my views onto him, insisting he is judging me. Just last night this happened. Sitting with it, I realized I was judging myself for not being able to keep up with my personal ideals of perfectionism. If I continue to defend this place of projection, we only fight and feel distrust towards each other. In reality, softening my self-ideals, accepting and loving myself anyway – well, we not only get along better – yet also a part of me is deeply healing. Who can keep up with perfectionism? There’s little love there.
Thank goodness for that little voice inside. It’s constantly drawing me back within to listen, and trust love.

Here are 9 reasons why to “believe” in love:

  1. Belief can lead to knowing with ample time for self-reflection, inner listening, following that little voice inside – and loving self as first priority.
  2. If I don’t believe in love, do I believe in myself?
  3. Love generated from within isn’t contingent on anyone else… it never goes away, dies, or changes… it’s the one thing we can always count on.
  4. Holding out for true love is easier on us than choosing the opposite, or settling for compromised shades of what may appear to be love.
  5. Love asks us to dig deep. It sets the priority and precedent for all other positive values such as honesty, integrity, and kindness.
  6. Love never losses. Even if we are faced with challenging choices, if love is the determining bottom line factor, even if it hurts – we win in the long run.
  7. It’s where good things grow from, and where we can find comfort and solace… love is where truth lives.
  8. Real love sets us free… otherwise, bound is the captor of “love.”
  9. Love is the place of magic, miracles and healing – where the inexplicable is born, and where the sacred is sanctified.

Happy Valentines Beloveds! May we free ourselves to love… beyond belief.
Much Love,
Dr. Amy

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