Feeling Bloated

February 8, 2017
by Amy Rachelle


Hi Amy, 
I feel really bloated now.
This is my second day of liquid only consisting:
1 lemon juice
2 green juice
1 coconut water
1 coconut mylk (flesh+water+strained)
1 turmeric lemonade with stevia
I’ve started fasting since 16-19 January consisting lemon, green juice, coconut smoothie/mylk, and 1 salad. 
The first 2 days I still had cooked food: flourless wheat and other wrap (containing gluten) around my salad. Only 3rd and 4th day I was on fully raw.
Stevia has always been my best friend since Bali retreat.
It’s only been 2 days I’ve been properly following the good food combining chart. The first 2 days of fasting I had seeds, nuts, and coconut oil in my dressings, which according to the chart you have sent it is poorly combined.
I had Enema on Thursday evening, yesterday evening, and today afternoon, after the building of bloating feeling getting bigger and bigger. I had a thorough flushing anally through enema since Thursday, yesterday, and today. It was gradually cleansed with lots of debris stored junks that today on my last flush it was the clearest, felt really great flushing and releasing.
Then I felt really weak. 
I had my green juice straight away. 
I’m sensitive with kombucha and other fermented or containing alcohol probiotic. So I had my prebiotic Jerusalem artichokes which I have early in the morning normally. Then I had my coconut mylk 1 hour after green juice. Then 1 hour after followed by a cooked vegan strained broth of tomato, onion, and carrot, I felt a need of something soothing and I can’t take the weakness. I slept it over afternoon and it didn’t go away. Instead I had vegan broth above blended and strained, salted a pinch one.
Im gonna do a mediatation and breathwork now.
I feel like I need a massage. But my normal Friend who have given great energetic Thai Massage was busy. So I have to wait til this coming week.
I had my dry skin brush and scrubbing superfood on Tuesday and today.
I feel really bloating now.
Please advice.
Thank you.

Dr. Amy:
Thanks for writing.
I highly recommend getting a colonic asap.  Enemas are great, and important when
we don’t have access to colonics.  Though, they aren’t anywhere near as thorough
as a colonic.
It sounds like you have so much stored waste and gas loosened – though again, back to
the perastalisis muscle not being toned enough yet to eliminate to the same ratio it’s actually ready to come out.  With this loose waste is likely some compacted old poo and mucous that also contribute to the blockage – which creates bloating.  If you get on the colonic tube, you’ll likely dump MASSIVELY!   It’s imperative to do this asap!  The longer it sits there bloated out, the more it recycles back into your blood stream. This is why you feel so weak.  You really need to get that stagnate poison out of your body, and you will feel SOOOOO much better. Your body will then be able to uptake nutrition properly, which will also give you energy.  Enemas just aren’t thorough enough for this type of bloating.
You will feel a significant difference with just one good session, though it will take likely about 3-5, continuing to fast – until your body and thoroughly eliminated.
It’s very important to not break your fast until you’ve gotten the waste out.  That would be counter productive. You’re doing excellent work, and your body is responding very well ….. it’s doing exactly what it’s designed to do.  Over time, with continued fasting and staying off the other types of food, our perastalisis with strengthen. It will take some time, with exactly what your doing.
So – I highly suggest continuing your fast for at least 3-5 days more, with the same amount of colonic sessions.  It will likely be life-changing for you. You’re very ready!!!
One more thing, in your email you said – “I can’t take the weakness”…. I’d like to encourage you to shift your thinking about this.  I understand its challenging to feel weak with so much toxicity passing through your body.  This is when your body and being need your attention the most.  To be willing to feel the weakness, and take good care of yourself, is different that reacting to it with rejection, and not wanting to go there. Naturally we don’t want to go there. Though – what if there are messages for you there?  What
if you have an opportunity to slow down, replace the word weakness with the thought “wow, thank you body, I feel you’re passing massive toxicity now, I honor you, and am allowing myself to feel this both in my body, and what it feels like emotionally.”  What does feeling weak bring up for you?
May you allow yourself to feel all these feelings, honor them, and take good care of yourself… all the while following the colonic sessions as suggested.  I promise you’re going to feel like a different person in a weeks time.
Most important is to stick with it, allow it to pass, use your circulation practices as you’ve learned… and REST.
It takes much energy to detox the old poison out.  So please take the pressure of yourself, be with the feeling, COLONICS (and yes its important that many sessions), and continue.  Getting in the sauna will also greatly help!
Much love dear heart.

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