Tired and Lacking Energy

February 1, 2017
by Amy Rachelle
Student: Happy New Year Amy and great to see you are taking your Wisdom to Europe this year.
I have been feeling very tired and lacking of energy for many months now. I believe I must have some Kind of Parasites. What do you recommend for a home remedy to rid of them? I’m running out of energy and trick my self and giving up for too Many unhealthy food options. Please help.
Dr. Amy: Home remedies can be a shot in the dark without proper diagnosis.
You may (or may not), have a parasite. If you do, it may be a general garden variety type that’s typically easy to eliminate with MMS and fasting correctly. With more dangerous type of parasites such as ehystolitica, it’s crucial to have accurate diagnosis. Keep in mind that obtaining this, from even the best of well-intended doctors, is almost always inaccurate due to the lack of thorough testing, lab testing for a wide range of species, and targeted accurate treatment. The only specialist I know of in the world who I trust to diagnosis – at least 95% accurate – is Dr. Kevin Cahill in New York City. Dr. Cahill says general stool tests are 70% inaccurate, even the hot stool test is said to not be highly accurate.
So – before you apply random home testing, I strongly recommend that you know what you’re dealing with. It’s worth a trip to NYC for this, especially if you’ve changed your diet and lifestyle, though you’re still not getting truly better. Or for anyone who just simply doesn’t get well, and their health rapidly declines. Very
often a dangerous parasite is at the root of such conditions, and illnesses. Unfortunately, accurate testing is difficult to come by.
Bless all your efforts! You have basic knowledge to eliminate common bacteria from your system dear, this is the place to start. If it isn’t working, best to see the worlds parasite specialist… Dr. Cahill. Especially because you’ve traveled extensively in 3rd world countries. Though, even people who haven’t left 1st world countries often have them… when you’ve been especially to India, it’s almost certain you’re a host.
Keep with it. I know it isn’t always easy when you’re tired all the time, yet there are solutions for those who apply themselves with a focused effort. It takes that, as pathogens and parasites are not easily eliminated. You’ve got to really want to take your body back – from basically the natural process of decay. Standing up for your life is what it takes now, otherwise, they may be given an unconscious permission to literally eat you up.
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Love & Support.
Dr. Amy

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