Detox Support – Q & A

January 24, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Hello dears,

I have been getting a few questions during the detox period, and I would like to share them with you as support:
Q:  I’m still breastfeeding…is this protocol possible for this?
A: Breastfeeding while cleansing is possible, just understand that your

baby will also detox right along with you.
I recommend going slow in your process so you can gauge how the changes you make affect your baby.  Going at an easy pace is typically as helpful for baby, as it is for Momma.  Avoiding extremes is key, and remaining very sensitive to how baby is affected.
I also suggest taking probiotics regularly so your child can also get that boost.  Keeping your system supported with supplements/superfoods is also advised so your little one also gets that benefit.
Q: I had a problem yesterday. I was feeling super nausea from 7pm and vomited at 9pm then passed out in bed and then woke up at 11pm to vomit again, all the liquids from the afternoon. It was pretty debilitating and because I don’t have physical support where I am I felt I had to be more physically able to support myself so I had a salad this morning and the nausea disappeared.
A: The symptoms you experienced are natural and normal.  Actually, more than that – you’ve just greatly improved your health. I know it isn’t easy as you’re going through it… though better out than in!
All of the liquids stirred up the poison in your belly, and by vomiting you expelled what would have otherwise absorbed into your tissue – creating the potential for low energy, and even illness at some point – all the while lowering your immune system.
We often vomit while detoxing because the perastalisis muscle – the one that tells us we need to poop – is too weak (i.e. atrophied due to old dehydrated, compacted poo plugging the colon) to eliminate thoroughly. We may still poo daily, though not to the  degree old waste has accumulated.  
When all the juice interacted with the “top layer” of the stored waste, your body did exactly what it’s designed to do, and puked it out through the only other immediate orfice it could since the bowel is clogged – and that’s through your mouth.  Keeping light, as in the detox plans
suggested, you’ll continue to eliminate through the other orffices of your body as well – so don’t be surprised if you sweat at night. Getting in the sauna – and having a good proper sweat – will also greatly help.
Yes, when you had a salad you felt better because you slowed your detox way down.  This is why often if we eat during fasting – which suppresses symptoms – we will feel better. Not always though, as
when the body has taken over… when you eat during a fast and feel worse, its because the body can’t eliminate the old and new waste simultaneously without it consuming much energy (which means
you feel crappy).
So – I recommend you continue. You’ve just built a muscle – or endurance – for going through what we may refer to as a healing crisis.  You may want to stick with salad, or soup – and juice.  Most important
is to stick with it!
With love and support,

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