Parasites & Getting Enough Nutrition

January 18, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

A student from our last raw food chef and detox training recently asked some questions about parasites, and getting enough nutrition – thought to share this with you.

Your knowledge is extremely profound and I am so happy you share this all! I have all that understanding about retoxing, sugar and adrenals, alkaline imbalances and psychic health and effective fasting, losing weight without fear and tearing down before building up and and and… this changed all my understanding and answered tons of question marks.

>May the unknown, with its many questions, fill you with wonder – and a joy in the adventure of learning. My experience is – no matter how much I learn, or knowledge I gather – there are still so many unanswered questions in this wonder and vastness of life.  May we be inspired by questions, inquisitive and use them as a prompt to never stop growing and learning!

I still have some questions left though. well number one is really a big one, even if all raw foodists say just listen to your body and you really don’t need a lot and it is mainly a psychological fear\neediness of not getting enough and yes I got a better connection to this inner child issue, haha but still:
how much greens in kilo should I consume per day? how much would a man need? I can hardly grasp an amount when shopping and can I do mostly salads as I don’ t have a juicer? ( they are sooo expensive)

>In the first few years of eating primarily or all raw, and avoiding toxins, you’ll likely need MUCH more of greens, fats, and nutrients in general as the body tends to be quite deprived when we first begin.  As a guide, I recommend drinking minimum of 2 liters of green juice each day, and 3 is great.  Salads and solid food is a part of the rebuilding process as well, and of course staying off the old stuff.  A man may need even more, though I suggest for everyone, to keep a balance between greens, fats, and lots of seaweed!  Immune building herbs, whether fresh or in tincture are another great way to rebuild. If you’re truly listening to your body, you’ll notice you’ll either want more naturally (so long as you haven’t filled up on an empty carb type food instead), or you simply won’t want it.  Eating and gathering the nutrition you needs becomes much more intuitive, then even instinctual – so keep listening!  I understand a good juicer can be expensive, as is buying all the produce you need.  This is part of building one’s self-worth I feel, saying yes – I am worth this… and putting the discipline into making juice each day, instead of grabbing what may be more convenient, though less nutrient rich.

The other question is, why do I get such extremely dry collapsed skin and why do my bones hurt when I hit them? what to do? I understand that I lack sports and that psychologically it is a boundary\selfnourishing issue, but how to solve that problem? How can I be sure I am only dehydrated and not severely deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral?

>Well, you may very well be long-term deficient… the symptoms you mentioned (and knowing your health a bit), are indicative of this:  dehydration, dry/collapsed skin/bones easily sore.  For you in particular, I feel you may have parasites for some time. If this is indeed the case, especially long-term, you can be assured you have nutritional deficiencies. I feel its crucial you get properly tested asap. By that, I mean visiting the worlds expert, Dr. Cahill, in NYC asap.  Find a way.  Remember as you learned in class, it is almost impossible to find proper parasite testing and diagnosis.  This is the only doctor I’ve ever found who is a thorough or accurate as Dr. Cahill.  This is due to his particular knowledge, accuracy of diagnosis, and treating correctly. This is the first step in regaining your health. From there – your body will upload and absorb nutrition in a way that it cannot otherwise.  Its great you’re doing all you can for upgrading your health. Please remember that if there are parasites getting your nutrition first, shitting in your blood, and proliferating in your body – it will be very difficult to get the nutrition you need.

And if I fast and get a fever, I only have to drink more water and do more enemas, right?

>Remember – fever is indicative of infection.  The body heats up to burn off infection.  So, yes keep fasting in this case, drink copious amounts of good alkaline water, and keep the body unplugged with enemas and/or colonics.  Sleep is the other critical element. It’s the great healer.  Most of all, trust it, allow your body to remove it – and it will, so long as its not too toxic. That’s when one needs to be careful and use the upmost care – if one is super toxic and feverish, they need to be closely monitored by as fasting expert/doctor to be safe.  Most people, with average toxicity, will pass infection easily enough by not eating, staying super hydrated (about 7-10 liters of water per day), and sleeping as much as possible.  Typically people don’t understand this, freak out, suppress a fever with pharmaceuticals, food, and other suppressants.  This is counter-active, and only stuffed infection back into the tissue.  Allow it to pass, in the way we’ve talked about, and your body will get the chance to better your health in a huge way.  Trust your body, it knows what its doing.  The key is hydration, sleep, fasting, and keeping a calm/still mind. Meditation is ideal in this equation.

Well there are not many questions left but I hope new ones will come up as soon as I start my way back home, I am so looking forward to it, to build my lifeplan and do a parasite cleanse. I think I start with kambo followed by humaworm and rectal oregano oil, diatomacious earth and maybe even mms.

>I suggest getting properly tested first.  Know what you’re dealing with, rather than applying random protocols that may or may not target what you’re dealing with.  You can further compromise your health, thinking you’re doing something great for yourself, without knowing what you’re dealing with, proper diagnosis, and then treatment.  Please don’t underestimate this.  Once you’ve done this, and cleared your system, you’ll likely respond much better to other types of more natural treatments. Keep in mind, its ideal to treat the body naturally, yet with parasites – its imperative to know what you’re dealing with, as in my experience natural treatments don’t always work on more intense parasites.  Also, its important to catch them sooner than later, as they can do major damage to your body, the longer you’re a host.

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