Sep. News, What Do You Really Want?

September 9, 2016
by Amy Rachelle

Fellow Magic Makers….
The earth shakes, the ground beneath your feet becomes unsteady, and without a thought your life changes forever.  Whether metaphorical or literal, this is what thousands of people in Italy experienced last month, as did many others around the world, in different ways.  This is life in changing times, may we welcome it, and be prepared for transformation… by transforming.
Two hours from the epi center on a boat, we didn’t feel the earthquake, though we certainly felt the psychic blow that reverberated around the globe, and beyond.  The strong after shocks and trauma were enough to make people not want to sleep under anything, not even a tent. With thousands now homeless, an estimated cost of over $5 billion, 70% of the buildings not earthquake proof in Italy, plus sitting on top of a seismic country where the plates are slowly pulling apart – the likelihood of it happening again is quite strong.
There’s much symbology that can be drawn from disasters, their after shocks, structures not up to code, high loss and expense, and the conditions for the same thing to reoccur in our lives.  There’s certainly much we can learn and grow from.  It makes me question my priorities, constructs, where I place value – and why.  Do I set myself up to grow, or do I invite the same lessons over and over again, with the same infrastructure, expecting different results?
I ask myself “what can I do to help?”  We took a carload of food and water, and offered to volunteer on the third day after it hit.  They had more supplies and aid than they could organize.  One thing I learned reinforces my gut instinct.  I keep hearing the little voice inside say “be prepared for change. Transform and reinvent yourself continuously.  Live sustainably with clean air, water, natural power, and a garden.”
For those struck in the epi center, no amount of preparation mattered really.  From this I learn to live in the moment, give thanks for every single drop of life, walk lightly, and be light-hearted.  I also learn to accept what is, not take life for granted, and tell those I care about I love them.  With that, I want to say I love you.  Thank you for being a part of my life, and wherever this may find you – may love be your guide, and support.
With the earthquake toll around 300 now, I query myself, and you to consider – what if today is my day to die?  How do I choose to live now?  Choosing to love and share care, without reserve, rearranges my priorities, and makes me ponder the mental and emotional state I wish to die in, and therefore live now.  “How much did I love?”  “How much did I show it?”  “Am I dying clear, baggage free with everyone in my life?”  “Did I give of myself fully, love unabashedly, and put my heart on the line?”
Deeply contemplating these questions sends electricity through me. A passion and awareness awakens. It beckons me to rise up and embrace an even greater capacity I – and we – are capable of. This awareness is becoming my new normal, and challenge.  This is what I really want, more than the accomplishment of all my goals combined.  They matter too; though have more meaning as a vehicle for living the way I wish to die.  Dignity, respect, purpose, honoring, sharing, wonder, tenderness and vulnerability flood me as I write.
What do you really want?
Have you been experiencing your own disaster, change, or unexpected circumstances lately?  Do you naturally feel an impulse for growth, and experiencing something else in your life?  Are you led deeper into your own transformation?
Another thing I learn from being so close to a major disaster, as the little voice inside reminds me…. “go for what you really want, without delay – NOW.  Live the way you wish to die.”  Sending shivers through my spine, hearing and heeding that voice is electrifying. With it I feel a great responsibility and joy, to honor it, trust it, and follow it – moment to moment. It’s not only our greatest resource, yet also keeps us safe.  Should my life end tomorrow, I know its just beginning.
How is that little voice inside prompting you?  Go for it without hesitation. For every person who passed in Italy last month, for every time you promised yourself, for every person who cannot.  We privileged first world people can.  Do it for yourself, do it for others, just do it.
Carpe diem, my friends.  Seize the day, and all life wants to give you because you choose to truly, and fully, live.
May we follow that little voice inside, until its makes music of the mind, and your dreams come true. Now is the time.
Carpe diem my friends, carpe diem.
Love, Adoration, & Support….. Dr. Amy
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