Nov. News, Managing Stress

November 6, 2016
by Amy Rachelle

Sometime life is so surreal; it begs the question of what’s real. Yes, stranger than fiction – often.
When the thing you’ve feared for a long time comes true, or life gets extra intense, what happens to your wellbeing and self-care?
Sitting in the immigration office of a third world country, I write you in along wait for “inspection,” after an officer recently showed up at ourclasses. In a culture of corruption that justifies bribes – uh, I mean fines – I’m challenged to live by my personal ethics and hold the higher space. It would be easy to play dirty and retaliate, though still nothing good and positive would result.
I feel saddened, angry, exhausted, and yes… responsible. Choosing to do business where the color of your skin determines the cost of your “fine”, and where corruption is as age old as ceremony and temple, one has few options other than to dance with the dark side of extortion, and remain steady in channeling light. The invitation to join the pit of ensnarled debate awaits; where accusatory projections of wrongdoing and greed outweigh morality and human dignity. Sitting in the dragons mouth without reactively feeding it requires consistent awareness. It asks my mind to constantly be steady and stable. It tests my equanimity, shows me how reacting leaks and drains my energy… and it ultimately deepens my dedication to The Greater Truth.
How do you handle injustices, insults, and the misinformed when projected upon you?
Bucking to buckling doesn’t move a mountain. Complaining and blaming typically incite some form of violence. Running away typically makes it follow, and pretending it doesn’t exist surely just breads more ignorance.
Whether your lover has left, your livelihood is threatened, your heart feels hollow, or you have corruption on whatever level to face…. does your self-care remain intact? Does stress drive you toward unhealthy habits or serve as a reminder to take good care of you?
Reflecting on how I can take even more responsibility for where I find myself, I choose to feel all my feelings, breath some more, reflect and take good care of myself, no matter the opportunities disguised as obstacles. I know I can’t go wrong cultivating love and care within, and in my body. It’s the one thing that never leaves, disappears, or dies.
In this ever-changing life, may we put self-care first, follow our hearts, and truly take care… inviting challenges as our greatest guru.


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