Perimenopause Pregnancy, You Pregnant?!

November 24, 2016
by Amy Rachelle

Hi Amy!

I really love your newsletters and seeing all the wonderful things you are thinking, feeling, experiencing!
I have a question…I am fighting the odds and really feel the desire to get pregnant. I’m 46 so it won’t be easy but I am starting with my diet and trying to make sure I am eating well. I still eat a 100% raw diet, do yoga daily and walk 3-4 miles a day. When I do research on infertility and diet, all the reports say take a multivitamin, which I will do, but also they say increase protein….usually this is not something I think about, but if I do–how can I do this with a raw diet? Oh they also say while grains, another thing I don’t eat…and I can’t find anything on raw diets and either fertility and pregnancy…so I’d love your thoughts!!  Thanks. It may not happen and i am at peace with that, but something in my gut says try.
Love and blessings
Wow, congratulations for heeding the call of your heart – and body!
Pregnancy during perimenopause can be a challenge for women who may
not have lived as healthy as you.  Given your history, I feel you’re “an exception 
to the rule”. Researchers studying a group of women who got pregnant without using infertility treatments after age 45 found that they had a unique genetic profile.  
I would add to that, saying you have a very positive and progressive mindset – and lifestyle/health background – that is likely a big part of healthy pregnancy in the 40’s. If anyone can do it, it’s you!
Some doctors say its almost impossible to get pregnant after 45 – that there is only 1% chance.  I feel anything is possible where conscious choices are made.  Knowing you a bit, I’m sure you’re well aware of the so called risks.  How beautiful you are following what’s true for you.
You’ve been raw for some time, lived very healthfully, you’re in a secure and happy relationship for some time – and already have thriving children. So personally, I don’t fear for you.  You’re a woman who knows herself, takes excellent care, and courageously follows her truth.  How very inspiring you are.
You seem to have the fundamental bases covered.  Mainly, I suggest that you eat
a diet high in healthy fats – specifically coconut oil, flax 3,6,9 from Udo’s, olives, durian, 
etc… and consume plenty of dark leafy greens, and green juice daily as well (at least 3 liters).  Other than that, seaweed is another important nutrient that can help support your body during pregnancy.  For supplements, I suggest taking Magnesium, a prenatal multi-vitamin, Vitamin D, and Folate.  
You may also want to take MSM the boosting of a B complex.  I suggest choosing your supplements only
from a whole food source – two of my favorite companies for this are Innate and Premier Labs.
Let me know how it goes!  How exciting!
Blessings and baby booming to you!
With love! 

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