Reinventing & Reclaiming Self

June 6, 2016
by Amy Rachelle
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The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and all is well in the woods of Italy – living off grid.  We have bountiful excellent water you can drink from the tap, and it’s heated from the fireplace. Candles light up our little cottage at night that overlook mountains forever…. and soon, we will install solar panels.  It’s a safe haven dream come true.  We’re thankful for internet as we prepare for our first tour – taking breathwork, detox, intimacy, music, and storytelling on the road in Europe and USA (see dates below).
How was your month of May? For many, it was torrid, tumultuous, and difficult as Mercury Retrograde did a dance of deconstruction – dismantling parts of self and psyche – ultimately helping us to free what no longer serves.  Consciousness can appear callous, as evolution seems to be its only agenda.  Though, with every loss exists gain, with death comes birth, and in every season change is the only constant – such is the cycle of life.
No matter what you’ve been experiencing recently, do you find the energy began to shift in the past week, and your life is moving forward more readily?
Having been around the world a couple of times since the beginning of the year, I’ve reeled with excitement and much success… and honestly found myself over committed, and questioning most everything in my life.  Do we make fully informed choices?  Do we include our own personal needs and consider our own inner resources with every yes?  Or are our choices largely driven by working hard and responsibility?  Until “yes” has met its match in “no” – we may make decisions that are partially driven by blind spots (or trauma) – and without full regard for personal impact (even when we love what we’re committing to).  Sounds simple, though for many of us, unconsciously motivated from where we don’t see, can be like swimming upstream with no shore in sight.
Slowing down, coming even deeper back within, what do you hear?  At full speed, I certainly don’t hear like I do with more time and spaciousness.  In stillness, this is what I hear lately…

  1. allow for the deconstruction that’s happening within you
  2. let it happen, let go, surrender to it, and trust the process
  3. seek support where you’re stuck/scared
  4. love yourself fully, no matter what – love that too… love anyway
  5. reinvention is simultaneously happening within you – what do you really want?
  6. be curious and inquisitive of you now, of how you’re shifting, stay connected to your inner voice
  7. claim yourself, in every stage you experience, say yes to you, fully… as you are now (not based on what you may intend to become, or who you were)

If you’re at all  “trying” to eat raw, detox, meditate, etc… I suggest doing the inner work recommended in 1-6 above instead.  Beyond “trying” is taking all pressure off, doing our inner work, being aware of the reinvention already occurring within, and claiming Who We Really Are.
Is your Deeper Self calling?  What does your self-reinvention and reclaiming look like?
Love & Support,
Dr. Amy

Coming In 2016…..

European & US Tour
Seeds of Alchemy, is a 1-2 day introductory workshop. We will explore how self-inquiry, breathwork, detox, and conscious intimacy builds a healthy self-relationship, and therefore fulfilling relationships in general. Optionally, you’ll also have the opportunity to experience a 1-day nutritional detox on Sunday.This foundation course is the basis for both Anthony’s Alchemy of Breath, and Amy’s Holistic Nutrition & Detox, 1-year Teacher Training Programs. It sets the stage for an exciting journey of self-empowerment, and the option to becoming an all-star practitioner. On a personal level (and perhaps professional), you’ll have the opportunity to make the changes you most desire, and go for what you really want – with support and guidance.
Europe                                                                                                                                                       June 11-12, Zurich
June 16, Eten Vol Leven, Antwerp, Belgium – Special Event, Talk w/Amy & Anthony (registration:
June 18-19, Amsterdam
June 25, Manchester
June 26, London
July 2-3, Farnham                                                                                                                                
Sep. 17-18, Geneva
Oct. 1-2, NY, NY
Oct. 8-9, San Diego, CA
Oct. 15-16, San Francisco, CA
Oct. 30-Nov. 18.  Holistic Nutrition & Detox Retreat.  Vegan & Rawfood Chef Certification & Detox Training (
To Register For A Europe or USA Event, click here:
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