Learning To Relax & Balance, 7 Tips

May 20, 2016
by Amy Rachelle

Many people go to Bali in search of beauty, peace, and healing.  With that, others, like myself, go to facilitate and be part of a mass surgance in consciousness.  Ubud, an ancient town meaning medicine for thousands of years, is the biggest international hub on Earth I know for “people on the path.” It’s quite unique for holistic and spiritual study, culture and community.
Fast paced, the weak of heart and body can be healed with Godspeed.  Though it’s not without its demands to acknowledge what ails, and grow ones gifts. It’s similar to what’s happening worldwide, the opportunity to break down, with the chance to break through, and realize our greater potential.  In Ubud, it’s sped up, unrelenting, and often not subtle.  It is on the Ring of Fire after all.  Nonetheless, for those seeking growth, it can be excellent medicine.
Have you been going through big changes?  Tis the season, and a long one for many – sometimes we need the same lesson a few times before we embrace self-reflection and change, realizing that holding onto the known, may be self-inflicted poison.
In Bali, if I get caught up in going fast, my “work hard and long, no matter the self-expense story” can surface.   Bali is our operational base, with staff demands, many commitments, and lots of doing.  When my friends point out my unavailability and busyness, I feel disheartened with myself, though thankful to be cared for, and not attracting an “accident.”
Consciously choosing to slow down instead, I recommit to going deeper with my unconscious commitments – or Inner Orphan.  Out of old abandonment imprints, she forgets herself, and takes on more than is humane.  After years of self-punishment and pressure, I realize she’s the one that needs my love most.  Recommitting to this simple truth, I again open to a new type of learning curve – relaxation.
Letting go some more, I go deeper within.   Though practiced regularly, I deepen meditation, detox (let go of acting out with chocolate, food, etc.), breathe, and acknowledge whatever it is I’m unconsciously avoiding.
Without wounding felt and faced, overthinking and coping mechanisms can become a stable of our inner survival dialogue, and set one up for the potential of compromised health, happiness, success – and create imbalances. That place needs lots of love, and yes, much relaxation.
Relaxing seems like a luxury for many of us, though more and more I discover its healing necessity.  Here, my soul is breathing, acknowledged, and in the drivers seat of my mind.
You know what they say – the mind is an excellent servant – and a terrible master.
Here are 6 tips for relaxing and finding balance:

  1. self-reflect on your inner state of relaxation and balance, where are you now?
  2. acknowledge yourself for how you are taking care of yourself. Make a list. Focus on what you are doing, instead of the opposite.
  3. be honest about areas in your life where imbalance may be present. How do imbalances show up?  With food, in relationships, work, etc.?
  1. decide to love yourself anyway – all of you, what you judge, push away – wounds and all. Welcome all of you.
  2. be your own inner informant.   Sit still, open up your inner dialogue, and talk lovingly with yourself, just like you would a friend.  Be your own therapist.  Ask your body and being what it needs.  Listen and receive.  Allow all the love within you, pain, direction, feeling lost etc., to be heard.  Receive yourself.
  3. deeply relax into yourself by making time for you. Prioritize self-time and (re)commit to what’s important to you.
  4. do a detox, breathe, meditate – find balance with your personal practices, as first priority.

May the master of your soul, guide your mind.  May all of you – wounds and warts welcomed – be acknowledged as a piece of the puzzle in your ever-expanding greatness.
Love & Support,
Dr. Amy

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