Detox Q & A

June 28, 2016
by Amy Rachelle

Thanks for being in touch! Wonderful.
And how great to hear you’re continuing with your detox!!!
To answer your questions:
– With what should I do the colon-cleansing? Just water?
> Yes, be sure it’s filtered…. you could do an enema every day… morning is usually a good time, after drinking
only water, at least 1 liter – then drink lots after.  You may also want to get a colonic – highly recommend it!  Google colon hydrotherapy.

– For how long would you recommend that detoxing?

> Until you are TRULY hungry, and feel empty…

– I have still some products from my last cleansing, which was a program from Dr. Robert Gray. Could I use the powder to cleanse my intestines?

> Sure… what is it?

– Should I take some nutrients, like Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium?

> Could do – though be sure they are from whole food supplements, and not synthetic… also, I don’t recommend taking calcium as it is typically a bone knitter when taken in supplement form.  Best to eliminate a high protein foods from your diet (that cause bone degeneration), and instead get this from raw plants like kale, sesame seeds, etc.

Thank you so much for taking your time! I appreciate it very much!

> You’re so welcome!!!  With pleasure!
Q: Hi dear Amy
My detox is going very well. Last week was not so easy, but I tried to take as many breaks as possible, baths, and colon cleansing every day, as well as going to bed very early… it was really a good thing and a gift to my body!!
I feel much more vitalised and lighter.
I started with a thorough colon cleansing programm, which will last 6 weeks and includes cleaning, but also bacterias to reinstall a normal situation in it! I’m really happy to have started, thanks to you again!!
Would you recommend to go on with every day colon cleansing or reduce it?
I hope you’re fine and wish you a very nice trip through Europe!
Big hugs
A: Wow, good for you!  That’s great news!

Such is detox, especially in the first week as the body is releasing lots of
stored history.  Wonderful you will continue on for 6 weeks! Congratulations!!!
Most definitely – I recommend with any type of colon cleansing program, and
detox in general, that you’re doing regular enemas (at least 3 times weekly), and
best to do a colonic each week as well for extra deep cleaning… this is most
recommended so toxins don’t recycle in your blood.  Without proper colon washing,
all the good work of fasting isn’t given the same benefit if the bowels aren’t properly
irrigated at the same time.  This is when reabsorption of toxins can easily occur. Especially
if you haven’t been cleansing on a regular basis already for some time.
Great work!!! How exciting! I can imagine you must be feeling much much better now…
and this will continue.  Cleansing is the great secret to not only good health, yet also
turning back the hands of time, and reclaiming one’s youth.
Shine on, and hope to see you when we return to Zurich in September for another
breathwork and detox weekend.
Love to you!!!

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