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February 12, 2016
by Amy Rachelle
Hello hello!
I’m on my way to Dubai next weekend, where I’ll teach a detox work shop at a yoga festival (  The organizers asked me to write an article on candida – which I’d like to share with you in a more personal and intimate way.
Almost half a lifetime ago, my health was devastated by 3 ectopic pregnancies, from the ages 18-28.  I came close to dying from the first one, then being prescribed large amounts of testosterone for the second one, my health was absolutely wiped out at 25.  I ran into walls, drunk from a foggy head.  I couldn’t think straight, and cried at the drop of a hat. My skin erupted after having nearly a perfect complexion.  What finally got my attention, was when severe vaginitis set in. The emotional turmoil, and physical pain this caused was not only unbearable, yet confusing and scary.
Have you ever experienced intense simultaneous physical and emotional symptoms that seem to have no explanation?  Do doctors tell you its all in your head, and prescribe you more drugs?  This is very common with candida, as its often misdiagnosed, ignored, and called “normal.”   Many have no idea how sick they really are, how incredibly common what they have is – and the resolve it will take to truly heal.  If at the beginning of my journey I knew what I know now, I would dive full force into healing it with living foods and fasting, while emotionally embracing this fungus as a great catalyst for becoming a healthy, whole – conscious – person.  Ultimately, its a gift, an opportunity for healing.
If you suffer from not knowing what’s going on with you, to knowing something is – you may very well have candida, as it is rampant in modern day life as a result of eating and living unnaturally.   The root of it is the emotional trauma most everyone accumulates in life, and built up stresses, that eventually lower the immune system – that commonly get compounded with pharmaceuticals.
I found hope… and SO MUCH MORE…. after dedicating myself to healing my body, and always continuing due diligence with my mind.   Over time, in stages, I discovered vegetarian, veganism, raw foods and detox… which lead to great healing, then later becoming a professional in the field.
Now as a naturopath specializing in healing candida and parasites, I’m super passionate about maintaining good health with vibrant living foods, regular cleansing, emotion processing, and decreasing stress. I find simplicity and these basic practices key in regenerating, and truly being happy.
What keeps many of us from naturally experiencing happiness and health as a way of being?  Candida is a sign of the times.  The standard first world diet often robs us of our birthright to feel good consistently, and therefore be truly happy.  What is candida?  A complex network of yeast overgrowth in the intestinal tract, that also proliferates in the blood, limiting or suffocating the uptake of oxygen that kills anaerobic activity.  Symptoms include:
-foggy head
-feeling drunk
-skin outbreaks
-digestive difficulties
-low to no energy
-emotional imbalances
-not healing quickly
-easy to get sick
-dark circles under eyes
-pale skin
-sinus issues
-ear aches
-toenail fungus
-low immune system
-invitation to parasites and disease
-and more!
How can candida affect your life?  It can deteriorate your health, keep you feeling emotionally low and tired, lead to disease – while doctors may tell you all your tests are fine, and there’s nothing wrong with you.
It’s said the 1 and 3 women have it, and 1 in 5 men.  My experience is that the numbers are much higher.
Is it possible to eliminate? Absolutely, though it usually takes watching what you eat closely, eliminating sugar, dairy, wheat, corn soy, and all allergens. Plus decreasing stress and emotional imbalances, along with changing one’s lifestyle.
Do candida drugs help?  Sometimes, though they often cause more harm than good.  As a fungus, it adapts and causes aberrations, forming other strains of unhealthy flora (think of a strong army) to develop in a different identity – creating the same issues over again.
It is possible to go the full distance in reestablishing healthy flora in the digestive tract, kill off candida, and rebuild your health and life – long term.  It takes watching your diet, changing your lifestyle, often facing challenging emotions, and making a firm decision to recover your health and life.
Here’s some suggestions:
-follow an anti-candida diet, eliminate all allergens from your food such as dairy, corn, wheat, soy, and sugar.
-eat fresh, organic living foods…. at least 80% of your diet… stay off animal products.
-fast on green juice, turmeric, and other vegetable juices, avoiding carrots and beets.  Drink at least 5 liters per day, plus 2 more liters of alkaline water. Do this with every season, and 1 day each week.
-be sure to consume enough liquids… at least 5 liters daily.
-never drink tap water, only alkaline water. Get a shower filter.
-go to a good holistic dentist, pull out all mercury from your teeth, only replace with gold. Yes, gold, not porcelain.
-use a blood cleaner like colloidal silver, turmeric, dragons blood, MMS, GSE, oregano oil, etc.
-clear out your intestines with whole flax seeds (don’t soak, chew or grind them first – take them whole so they pull yeast spores/roots out of your intestines). Take 1 tablespoon with 1 liter of alkaline water morning and night.
-listen to your body!  What is it calling for?  Let it be your guide.  Remember, put your brain in your belly and listen very closely to what it’s calling for.
-process emotions that may surface… most important, know when you need support and ask for it.
-use circulation practices, at least one per day:  enemas/colonics (a few times per week – and in severe cases daily), massage, dry skin brushing, sauna/steam, light exercise, ear candles, healing sessions, therapy, etc.  This will help the old stuff to come out more efficiently so your body can circulate nourishment unimpeded by the obstruction of toxic blocks.
-journal write!  Get in touch with, and explore your voice within.
-love yourself, no matter what!
-Do you have a meditation practice?  This is key in going deeper, especially on longer fast (check
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