Detox Questions

February 26, 2016
by Amy Rachelle
  1. Will I lose all my muscles if I do a juice fast?

>You will lose inflammation that swells the body – that toxicity may also create a false sense of muscle mass, and true sustainable strength.  So best to keep with muscle building exercises while fasting so you eliminate inflamed toxicity, and build your muscles lean, strong and durable – rather than muscles that are bulky, porous, and contributing to vascular congestion (a lack of circulation) – due to being built from materials that hold toxicity, rather than encouraging the elimination process that keeps the body in homeostasis.  This process supports oxygen and nutrition freely flowing through the circulatory system, and provides properly nourished tissue to build muscles with.  Be patient, allow for the different stages of detox when at times you may feel deflated, and know that with continuing to cleanse your body, your muscles will be made of healthy weight, rather than weak waste.

  1. Will I be deficient in anything during a long juice fast?

>It depends on how deficient you may have been to begin with, and what degree and quality of toxicity you began with. I suggest beginning detox in the diet to begin with by adding more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet.  This process will build alkalinity in your system, strengthen your red blood cell count, and in general build reserves that will prepare you for a long fast.  Building up to fasting, similar to the way an athlete trains for a marathon, will help you to be well prepared – and therefore less likely for deficiences – on a long fast.  I highly recommend long fasts, so long as you prepare for them with care… which also means keeping your stress levels low, and your nutrition levels high.

  1. What supplement should I take during a Juice Fast?

>It depends on your specific need.  In general, everyone can benefit from a blood cleaner like Collodial Silver, MMS, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Oregano Oil, etc… and everyone can help compensate for the acidity released while fasting by taking immune building herbs such as vitamin C, Ashitaba tea (or immune building herbs such as echinecea and goldenseal), and probiotics.  Beyond supplements though, I suggest trusting your bodies innate intelligence, let go to it, and allow for destressing and much resting.

  1. Can I continue to exercise during my juice fast?

>Sure.  In the first days of a fast we typically have energy for cardio and higher energy types of exercise.  As detox sets in towards days 3-7, we may have lots of symptoms and exercise may seem very unrealistic.  In this case, the best thing to do is rest, sauna, meditate, and do light yoga or stretching that helps to increase your circulation.  After 10-14 days in a fast, a person may feel much stronger and ready to resume a stronger exercise routine.
Dr. Amy

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