Running Tired Too Often? 9 Ways To Build Energy

March 6, 2016
by Amy Rachelle

Do you find yourself more busy and tired than you would like to be? Are you exhausted a good deal of the time?
Even if you’re doing only what you love – too much of a good thing will likely wear you out.  And if passion isn’t robust in a full routine, then we’re probably even that much more worn out, and maybe even feeling defeated on some level.
If non-stop doing, even if you love it, is your story – you may be headed for burn out.
When our inner regulatory systems are stressed with long-term imbalance (i.e. lack of rest), its common the adrenal glands will wear down. The first signs of this (fatigue throughout the day, craving salty food, low blood pressure, easily sick, low sex drive) are often ignored, though tired and somewhat depleted – we push on.  At this stage, if we’re not maintaining high nutritional levels with plenty of alkaline hydration, strong nutrition with lots of dark leafy greens and low to no allergen foods (animal products, sugar, caffeine, stimulants) – then we’ll often graduate to the next stage of exhaustion that’s culturally considered normal in western countries.
Stimulant dependency will additionally tax digestion, kidneys, adrenals and the lymphatic system – as we borrow more than we replenish – further demineralizing, demoralizing, and breaking down our bodies.  The more advanced the exhaustion, the lower our hormonal and immune systems fall, and usually the less we enjoy life (even if we so love what we’re doing, and those we’re doing it with).  It’s just no fun anymore, and dangerous to our health… and ignoring it usually only invites illness, “accidents,” or even a nervous break down.
Clearly, if we find ourselves here – I certainly have or wouldn’t be writing this – then life is telling us to slow down, reflect, and reconsider.  This is my personal continual lesson, as I want to do it all, love it, and “don’t want to miss out.”
I run my own health business, our retreat center in Bali with a full staff, have started a non-profit, am in the process of developing new material with my partner and touring this summer, and I train professionally as a singer – while finding time to work on my music, and create content for my health programs.  Not to mention international guest teaching and speaking throughout the year as well.  And maintain a relationship, family and friends.  Though exciting, managing my own personal energy and wellbeing is honestly my biggest challenge.
Here’s what helps me…
9 Ways To Build Energy:

  1. Quality of Thought.  We know all we experience, including our state of wellbeing and health first began with how we think. Becoming aware of how we’re thinking is to open the power of choice.  Do you think (and even repeat to yourself):  “I don’t have time,”  “I have to,” “I have no choice,” “I wish things were different.”  What is your inner dialogue?  This awareness is crucial in making different choices.  Is it true you have no choice, have to, have no time, etc.?  We make conscious or unconscious choices.  It’s all a choice.  Try inner dialoguing that says, “My choices are what I make them,” “I choose how I spend my time,” “I am free to consciously choose,” “I am 100% self-responsible for my wellbeing.”
  2. Be Aware of Story.  Finding ourselves repeatedly exhausted likely means we’re in our tired story, or a habit of unconsciously being tired. How did I find myself here?   Am I playing out a well-worn script and habit?  Step out of the story to rewrite your life, and use your energy for building, instead of habitually depleting.
  3. Power of No & Discernment!  Do you have issues saying no?  Unfelt into yes’s can result in a no to oneself.  Do you feel into your choices first, or tend to immediately say yes?  Before giving a yes or no, be discerning.  Feel into how the choice affects your personal wellbeing, and if it’s good for you (not just everyone else).  If you say no, say it story free, without excuses, or justifying. If you say yes, ask yourself if you really have the inner and physical resource to follow through, before committing.
  4. Inner Work.  Many of us grew up violated, or experienced a lack of care on some level – whether that is with an overbearing parent, neglect, abuse, etc.  The degree we’ve faced our inner trauma  (yes we all have it to whatever degree), is the degree we’re free of finding ourselves yet again tired, blown out, in patterns of overwhelm, and overextending.   Do you have unresolved feelings or hurts?  Give them a voice so they don’t have to get one destructively and wear you down.
  5. Support.  Identify where you need help.  Whether emotional, support at work, in relationships or at home – do you need support?  Identify how and where, and immediately seek it out.  Consistent support is often key in changing the tired story.
  6. Boundaries.  Determine what’s ok with you and what’s not for your wellbeing (and in general). Create parameters, or boundaries, according to what best takes care of your health.  Honor them yourself, and express your needs to others.  Stick to protecting yourself.  Do you properly protect yourself and honor your own needs?   Prevent energy leakages with boundaries.
  7. Let Go.  Seek stillness, simplicity & quiet.  What are you willing to let go of?  Freeing oneself of regrets, forgiving oneself and others, and letting go of emotional weight, will surely lighten one’s load – and contribute to regaining energy.
  8. Lifestyle Upgrades. Have you had a health check recently and been checked for candida and parasites?  It’s difficult to not be tired if your digestion is too full, you’re not eliminating well, and you have candida (yeast overgrowth) and/or parasites.  To reset, get checked, eat a high raw diet, and do a detox.
  9. Rest & Meditation.  We repair mainly in sleep.  Consistent rest, and even more during stressful periods, ensures proper tissue repair, memory retention, and regeneration.  Often when we feel depressed, or apathetic, we’re simply tired. Meditation is equal to sleep in establishing a peaceful mind.  Check out – nothing like a 10 day silent retreat to rest on the deepest of levels!

May we free ourselves of the tired story, seek support, let go much – and rebuild with boundaries, upgrading our lifestyle, rest and meditation.  Learning to say no may likely be the biggest yes to oneself, and gift.  Being clear of candida, and rebuilding one’s energy is a mindset, and a choice to truly put oneself first.
Blessings with the process, may we approach it with the innocence of a child – as an adventure, and gift to self.  One breathe at a time, with each conscious choice we make to put ourselves fully in the equation of our own life – rested and regenerated.
Love from the USA.
Dr. Amy
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