Taking Supplements

April 19, 2016
by Amy Rachelle

Don’t let the word “natural” fool you.  Many labels say that.  You can’t be sure it’s from a food source, and not a synthetic force, unless you research the ingredients specifically with the manufacture making them.  This is very important, as synthetic supplements (which are the majority on the health food market), can be quite damaging to the liver, when taken long term.
Tahini or any fats are suggested to take on the first few days or last day of your cleanse (except in blended soups, a little coconut, flax, or olive oil is ok).   Heavier blends such as pesto, guacamole, etc are meant to bring you into a fast (to help you wean into it), or to come off a fast. They will GREATLY slow down your cleanse if you stay on them throughout.
I have done cleanses where I ate what I wanted – as long as it was in the blender first. This is helpful for when the mind is resistant. After some days like this, the mind tends to break, and doesn’t want heavier foods anymore.  I once did a 41 day fast; it took 17 days starting into it that I didn’t want blends (and some heavier) anymore. That was OK, as I believe it’s important to continue a cleanse – and get beyond mental resistance until you really break through. Blends are great for that.  The key is listening to your body – often, and sometimes very soon into a cleanse, your body just won’t want them anymore.
Blended seaweed can also be consumed, though only until your body asks you to go lighter. If not, continue with blends – adding more or less water, depending on how light or heavy you want it to be.
Superfood are a better choice for supplements since they are from food, such as spirulina, acerola berry (vitamin C), moringa, chlorella, macca, etc.

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