Rising, No Matter Falls, Part 2

July 15, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Dearest Reader,

Have you ever felt on top of the world, at the top of your game, then lost it?  Or held in the grace of love, ease, and all things flowing – then it stops, and you find yourself perplexed and/or stagnating?
I understand! Leaving Bali 2 years ago, the strong platform I had built over many years drastically diminished.  Before Bali, I left my thriving practice in New York City to pursue a different lifestyle, beyond the big city drive. It was scary to leave, yet little did I know the big successes with my work to come.
There have been many times in my life, career, or relationships, I knew it was time to let go, no matter how great it was. That little – to roaring – voice inside won’t be denied. I’ve learned the consequences of not listening to it usually come with a big price.  Each time I’ve left the height of what I’m engaged in, it’s brought not only an ego death, yet also an opportunity for beginnings. It’s taken some time for me to see the pattern, and understand that with death, also comes something else anew. Whether that’s with how I make my living, with love, and in general.
Perhaps like you, I ask the same questions (still 2 years later):  “what will I do”, “how will I make money”? “Will anyone like my new ideas and creations, will it work?”
Ultimately, there’s an opportunity to face an age-old negative inner dialogue that many of us tell ourselves.  It’s the one that can either debilitate, or set us on a quest to find what’s true:  you know the one, “I’m not good enough.”   Oddly, most of us seem to believe this. “Who me?  I’m enough, just being me?”
The difference between finding greater gateways to success, and feeling stuck, may be in facing our (self-worth) fears, and being determined to discover the truth (of who we really are).  Such is the saying:  “whether you think you can, or can’t, you’re right.”
Rising up, no matter how many times I have fallen – and it’s been many – here’s some of my inner self-talk.  It helps move me forward and neutralizes self-defeating stagnation:

  • Breathe
  • Keep focused on what you can do
  • Take care of you first
  • Love yourself anyway
  • Dig deeper into what your capable of
  • Don’t quit
  • Trust yourself
  • Keep believing in yourself
  • Go for what you really want
  • The world needs your medicine more than ever
  • Open yourself to miracles and the divine
  • Let go of needing to know how
  • Be present, be here, trust life
  • Keep showing up
  • Forgiveness yourself – all of you, everything
  • Accept yourself – all of you
  • Choose not to indulge self-imposed obstacles… see them, free them
  • En-joy your-self

We’re very fortunate to have such first world “problems.”  To have the freedom to grow, expand, ponder our choices, gifts, talents – and ultimately be of service. It’s an offering to receive, and give back with.  May we use these precious opportunities and resources for personal happiness and growth, and also for those fleeing from bombs, and in search of survival.
May we rise, no matter how many times we’ve fallen, lost or been hurt.
No matter what you’ve been through, or the demands you may face, here’s to your rising, and our collective ascent.
Love to you.

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