Detox Q&A

July 27, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Thinking of starting a cleanse? Here are some FAQ!
Q: What do you consider vegetable juice? I saw the recipe for green juice at the bottom of the information you sent. It doesn’t seem like combining those veggies will produce that much juice (you recommend 3 liters a day!).  Can I combine any different veggies with water to make a juice (I don’t have a juicer, so I’m going to have to use my blender).
A: To make 3 liters, you will need lots of produce!  It is a bit of work, though a labor of love, and well worth it.  You can use your blender and dilute with water. You would just fill the blender up, add water about half full, blend super well – then strain it.  It’s not as nutritious, and therefore potent, though when in a hurry – or not yet invested in a good juicer, this is a fine option. Just be sure to drink enough in a day to stay mega hydrated. At least 5-6 liters minimum is my recommendation between juice, herbal tea, and good alkaline water.
Q: For the enema/colonic, I found colon detox & cleanser pills (Dr Tobias or Bio Schwartz) on amazon. Would one of these be okay to use the day after the fast? (I don’t think i’m up for an enema.. )
A: well, a colonic is likely going to be most thorough, though I understand it may scare you a bit. Just get started with what you feel willing to do – that’s more important than anything. Go with where you’re at… that’s wonderful.  You can always grow into other steps as you learn the process, and feel comfortable with it. Small steps lead to large successes.
Q: Can you take the flax seeds and probiotic together in the morning…if not, which should you take first?
A: I suggest taking the flax seeds first, then ideally you’d have a poo or two is even better.  Then when you feel empty, take the probiotics so they can best embed in your intestinal track without getting removed by the seeds, or diluted with liquid.
Q: Finally, you said 2 probiotics in the morning….I found one with 50 billion cfu – it says take one a day.
A: that’s a good high count. 1 is ok to start.
*If you are thinking of starting a cleanse, please email us at for us to send you the cleanse manual!

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