Birthing A Breakthrough, Part 1

July 29, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Dearest Reader,
My inner sense says we’re collectively just about on the other side of labor pains, getting ready give to birth; finally hatching what may feel like being 9 months pregnant, through the many lives and changes we’ve lived along the way!
In the past, we may have said “just push more.”  What’s been quite a laborious stage for many, also offers the opportunity to learn how pain can be made pleasure (see ecstatic birthing), and agony ecstasy;  while trials and tribulations are the great transformer and life trainer.  Perhaps we’re asked to face and feel what otherwise may shred not only our inner constructs, yet what also threatens our very soul. The challenges are good news, whether we’re crushed or fueled by them.  A medicinal mixture of feeling both defeated and determined can create an authentic base to regenerate and recreate oneself from. Clinging on to old ways may bring stagnation, frustration, and really play on self-worth.
Adjusting our perspective and receiving, rather than resisting, the great pulverizing healing force of Surrender and Softening is working her magic on our psyche – and our Planet Earth.  Perhaps birthing a breakthrough is a time of inviting the Feminine into our life, which is quite different that pushing, forcing, and bull dozing our way. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t have energy or interest for that any longer.  After a lifetime of running loads of masculine “just do it, and more of it” energy – my system doesn’t want anymore invasion from my mind, and asks for “just surrender to it and receive” instead.  Sounds simple and easy in principle, though the unwinding, trust, and possible redirection of life this creates can feel confusing and complex. Time to break it down, and simplify.
Be sure to keep breathing and open your receptors wide, cause we’re about to pop out the other side.  Whew.  Blood, sweat and tears it’s been as we personally metamorphosis.  At the same time we’re impersonally breathing life into the living, and embracing the cycles of death and dying; whether that’s in a project, relationship, a phase of life, or even our own body. For many, so much is ending – and of course, so much is simultaneously beginning.  You can’t have one without the other, like dark goes with light, day with night, and masculine with feminine.
Fully letting go seems to be the medicine – and magic – for shedding the past, self-reinvention, and birthing what’s being born… even if we may not know what that looks like right now.
If you haven’t already – by hook or by crook – jump on in the canal, and allow nature to have her way.  She’s going to anyway.  Mays well go with the flow.  I know it may feel scary, though anything else in these times is like holding onto a phantom that elusively slips away, just when you think you’ve got it.  Whatever getting “it” is.  Change is the constant stability, and embracing it may be to take one step closer to The Truth of Who We Really Are.
Love to you from NYC, en route to Bali, Spain, France, Italy, and Switzerland.

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