Rising, No Matter Falls, Part 1

June 28, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Ah summer – for those of us in the west.  In the east and down under cooler times have come.  Once again, we’re offered the opportunity to shift and re-orient into the vantage point of yet another perspective.  Wherever you are, how’s your fluidity – and adaptability – to seasons, changes, and answering the call to rise, no matter past falls?
What helps you acclimate to the rapidly changing times we live in?  Does your self-care remain consistently and elastically intact, or does it randomly fluctuate according to the outer circumstances of your life?  Surely flexibility is key in adaptability, while diminishing black and white self-talk such as…  “I have to,” “I don’t have a choice,” and “I’ll take care of myself when _______ ­­­­.”
Already this year, I’ve traveled around the world (and will again soon), and to at least a dozen countries, and some back again.  Having chosen (yes for years now for those of you who know me) a demanding work and tour schedule, my balance can wobble. Especially when intense things happen, and/or strong emotions arise.
My digestion/elimination may get disrupted.  I’m often challenged to find the copious amounts of juice I make at home, and nothing compares to a salad from my garden.  If my mind is fixed on self-care being like my home routine, I expend more energy resisting what is – than making the best of what’s available.  And though not always to my greatest liking, I learn to find grace within the limited availability outside of Bali, Ibiza, NYC, and more progressive places where healthy living is a given.
How do you keep balanced outside of your usual routine, especially when you have lots on, and limited access to what you need?
Here are 9 things that help me:

  • without compromising my personal standards, I look to find the best in any option, and be at peace with it. I accept it, and choose not to waste time and energy wanting it to be something else.  This means I may not always have exactly what I want, and that’s ok.
  • I hold grace and feeling well within myself a higher priority than even the 3 liters of green juice I drink everyday at home.
  • I can always drink loads of water, and carry my alkaline drops where the water isn’t so great.
  • I take snacks best on the move, preparing a little something along the way (make poor choices are less tempting by planning and preparing a bit ahead).
  • I seek out healthy places before arriving, and when not available, accept I may not be partaking with everyone else.  Experience teaches me to let go, rather than indulge in something that will only make me feel crappy later.  I can still enjoy the company.
  • When I make other than excellent choices, I choice to accept the consequences if any, rather than moan and dramatize my experience.  Or self-punish with guilt (which is often more historical than about the current experience, know what I mean?).
  • I choose to be with people who understand differing dietary needs… and when not possible, I like to make intimacy more of a priority than food (hopefully that’s always true!).
  • If I get out of whack, I can always fast for even just a day, and balance most usually returns quite quickly – with even a short fast.
  • Massage, sauna, hot Epsom salt bath, dry skin brushing, and doing an enema or colonic….or just sitting in my own meditative quiet space – all help immensely for restorative balance.

Most of all, may we be kind to ourselves, and take the reign of our health and wellbeing…. no matter our choices. We can simply start again, as every choice is a fresh one when done with awareness.  It first begins with how we feel and think about ourselves.  And when we stumble or don’t feel so good about our choices, it’s comforting to know we can let go, fast for a day, and reset.  Balance often isn’t far away by neutralizing the mind, surrendering some more, and choosing to take a little self-care time… no matter our life circumstances.
My love & support to you dear hearts!

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