July 20, 2012
by Amy Rachelle

When I experience an allergic or sensitive reaction in my digestive tract, especially from to much protein I feel the breath in my lungs stagnates……My lungs are feeling so acid then. Maybe you can tell me what’s the relationship between my digestive tract, my lungs and breathing and my burbs???
So what isn’t digested, will get kicked as large particles into your blood stream… as your body labors to breakdown these undigested food particles, the filters of your body (organs), may have to work extra hard to filter/process what your digestion was to clogged up to handle.  This in turn stresses your organs due to oxygen not being able to access the smothered cells.  When you’re system is too clogged to absorb and circulate oxygen properly from overeating, undigestable foods/substances, etc – your body won’t get enough oxygen and therefore won’t elimiate carbon dioxide to its full capacity with each exhale.  This is where the stagnation in your lungs comes from, and therefore short breaths (not feeling like you can breath – this is true – cells aren’t able to absorb oxygen).  The burbs could be accounted for probably because the stagnation in your lungs, or trapped carbon dioxide, produces gas (hence the acidic feeling in your lungs you referred to), which gets trapped in the extracellular fluid of the cells.  This creates a feeling of pressure – to release this pressure, we burp.  So weak digestion = toxic blood = weak organ elimination = trapped gases/toxicity in cells = burps/feeling tired & weak/irritability/loss of focus/and needing to check out….
Taking in – and absorbing – proper nutritition (i.e. the body building alkaline reserves through the intake of minerals, vitamins, aminos, proteins, fat, carbs, hormones) – consistently will act as an anti-craving remedy since cravings are generally based in the body’s need for nourishment.  So yes, Germanium sounds great (see below) – lets also keep in mind that a diet balanced in lots of greens, the right type of fats, and carbs that can be digested is the foundation (along with exercise, a positive mind set, and self love).  And supplementing with herbs is to complement the nutrition building process.  Yet relying only on supplements, and not tending to consistent healthy eating, may only “use up” supplements without them acting as a great enhancer when supporting a healthy diet.
About the protein…. yes that’s exactly the issue, in my opinion, is that it makes digestion move slow.  This is a problem in that it causes it to remain the digestive tract too long, which causes it to ferment – due to decay.  To “spread out” toxicity, sort of speak, will surely stabilize blood sugar in this type of view – yet I don’t see how it can promote try healing and being dependent free from having to eat a high protein diet since you’ll always need it to remain “stable.”  With a whole/raw food/cleansing approach, we allow the down swing to come about with “blood sugar spikes” (i.e. swinging/extreme levels of toxicity), and learn how to cleanse and monitor it properly so that your body is enabled to eliminate the toxins that cause the so called blood sugar swings.  I suggest cleaning out to even out – get light!  Instead of stuffing oneself, and potentially having it catch up to you with lots of other issues because the body has only been more toxified with too much protein.

On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 6:01 PM, MD Dill <> wrote:
Hi Amy,
FYI.  I had a look and the reason Kathleen Desmaisons recommends protein is:
“Protein slows digestion, helps prevent spikes and dips in blood sugar and can even give you a dose of depression-fighting tryptophan.”
Do you know anything about germanium as an anti craving pill?

Here’s a bit about Germanium:
This trace mineral is a potent antioxidant. It improves oxygen flow to cells, and strengthens the immune system. It has pain-relieving properties and studies have shown that organic germanium (sesquioxide) can nutritionally support the body’s defense system. Many people have attributed remarkable benefits with the intake of Germanium. One woman had suffered many years with arthritis, nervous problems and a painful muscle disease called “fibrositis.” She could not stand to even barely be touched because it caused her such agony. This person began taking one capsule daily of 30 mg. of germanium sesquioxide, which also had odorless garlic added. She said, “Now I’m on ‘cloud nine’ since taking Germanium … and I have so much energy, I don’t know what to do with it all!”

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