What Do You Really Want?

July 18, 2012
by Amy Rachelle

Traveling the world teaching about holistic living based on transitional/raw food nutrition and detox, I have a bird’s eye view on the global movement for organic, green living and  wellness – which I feel is ultimately a new paradigm way of eating, living, relating, creating, and co-habitating.
Everywhere I travel I see people commonly impacted by the challenges we face in modern times, from the economy, to ecology, to taking the time and space to learn and grow from one’s own experiences.  What an amazing time in history to be alive – and probably like any time period man has known, from what I see in my travels – its the people living simply, close to the Earth, with low stress lifestyles that seem to be thriving in the face of the demands we find ourselves in.
Same goes for myself!  Working mainly between New York City, Amsterdam and Bali – although I love the city, what they offer, and the people in them – I feel much relief when I land in Bali and other natural places where’s its sunny, gardens are growing, gentleness pervades, and stars shine.  Especially in the long term, it brings out the best in me beyond the hussle and bussle of cities.
So what to do for those of us committed to, and activated in the cities, and certainly not about to dismiss that call?  What to do in order to heed and honor the personal and professional demands of big city life while not neglecting the greater need to be aligned with the cycles of the moon, receive nourishment from the sun, and take in the trees greater oxygen? Ah, not to mention the oceanic ions that reduce stress levels, I could go on…. here’s a few ideas:

  • accept where you’re at in this moment – and ask, what do I really want?  What’s your ideal lifestyle?  Do you believe its possible to have what  you really want?
  • many of us who live downtown NYC, rarely make it to Central Park – ah, this is a huge gift unto itself!  Taking your shoes off and walking barefoot is sure to get you grounded.  Not to mention lying in the grass (even if you are bundled up) – and taking a good swift walk… regularity is key!
  • in Amsterdam, or northern Europe/America in general, when’s its cold and rainy, do you embrace that as nature as well and submerge yourself into that experience?
  • amazing what a 1/2 hour train ride to the beach or country just outside New York City offers… and if you’re in California, even better – of course, just outside LA and SF wildlife and reserves are teaming.
  • in the big picture, how about considering being out of the country during the times of year that adversely affects you in the city?  This could be a great “excuse” to navigate your life down the road of your dreams that offers you financial stability and schedule flexibility… again, what do you really want?
  • in general, it seems the more emotionally and intimately satisfied we are, it ultimately doesn’t matter where we are – are your emotional/intimacy needs being meet?
  • in the cities, besides the parks, one of our greatest resources for nature is one another- connect with like minded people who are interested in self growth and being healthy!
  • eat of nature!  Eating natural/living foods will help keep you connected and assist in keeping your circulation moving, no matter the concrete and cold!

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