Meltdown 101

August 1, 2012
by Amy Rachelle

What does meltdown mean?  What are the characteristics of it and why is it as natural and necessary as summer turning to fall?  In the process of transformation, meltdowns journey us into a deep internal state where the wounds on the inside are open, exposed, and even raw… disintegration of what no longer serves us is often not without its discomfort.  Wounded externally, its easy to gauge the healing process.  With internal wounds, our feelings act as the barometer to let us know where we’re at.  In this process we are usually faced with letting go of control, needing to know, and the identities that keep these personas intact, i.e the masks we wear for self-protection.  Giving full attention to this state as priority – while maintaining our responsibilities – is to be thorough in what’s happening anyway… we can either surrender to it and allow it to happen consciously, or we fight it and the process happens unconsciously.  Either way it is happening, and will continue to happen.  Surrendering to it, making space for it, and deeming it priority may be the difference between fighting what is – and growing into what we really want. Meltdown = Rebuilding = Redefining… what do you really want?
“I am allowing for meltdown as it naturally expresses itself within me.”
Questions to self:
•    Am I experiencing meltdown?  If so, how?
•    Am I surrendering to it – or fighting it?
•    What does it mean to allow for it, and make it a priority?

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