FAQ's: Raw & Detox

July 23, 2012
by Amy Rachelle

Do I have to give up the things I love to be healthier? I’m really interested in the “raw food lifestyle” but I’m not ready to let go of foods I love that bring me comfort and familiarity. What do I do?
Enjoy!  Like anything, eating healthier begins with how you think about it.  So instead of not beginning because you may think you’ll miss something, I suggest you keep enjoying those comforts, and also think about (and add in) other foods that you also love that are fresh, alive, vibrant, juicy, and preferably bio.  By broadening the spectrum of your food and lifestyle choices to be inclusive, rather than “either/or” – space for all of it is created.  Small steps in the beginning, focused on what you can do, on what brings you joy, on what you love – leads to success!  Think all inclusively, add in healthier choices that excite you, and don’t worry about the rest.  As your taste buds become more alkaline, you’ll probably naturally desire foods that feel great in your body.  May ease and enjoyment with an all-inclusive perspective organically lead you to healthier choices, step by step, one successful bite at a time – worry free – all “allowed”!
What probiotic do you recommend?
I suggest specifically buying one called Masterblend – it’s about $75 a bottle – I would get at least 2 of them.  Keep them refrigerated.  It’s in powder form.
Can I order bee pollen by mail or should it be kept cold?
It should be kept cold once its opened.  Should transport ok.  Local is always best as possible.
Does it matter which unbuffered vitamin C crystals I get? How much do I take?
I suggest getting them (as well as any supplement when possible) from a whole food source, rather than the common synthetic source.  Look for one that is just Vitamin C with no buffers (like calcium).  A quarter teaspoon twice daily is said to keep the doctor away.  Can also be taken with MSM – a naturally occuring sulfur that is good for connecting tissue similar to Vit C. Best to consume supplements in a powder or liquid form to ensure it doesn’t miss your digestive saliva enzymes that are the first step in healthy digestion.
Will 4 jars of stevia (Pure Raw brand) get me through the year?
More than likely.  It’s super concentrated, typically only micro amounts are needed for a recipe.
How much superfoods do I take?  Do I just sort of alternate them?  I have been taking bee pollen, spirulina and vitamineral green and the probiotic each morning.  I also bought some maca powder and red maca powder.
Those sound good… you can put them all into a smoothie, table spoon of each is a good amount.  Except for the probiotics… take them separately, on their on – preferably right when you wake up on an empty stomach… about a teaspoon should do. When fasting I like to double up on them per serving to mega dose.
Do I use yacon powder to replace yacon syrup in recipes?
Great you’re finding the powder – sounds like a new development since I’ve been out of the states.  I haven’t used it. Is it white or brown?  If brown that means they’ve dried it from the fermentation stage, go quite sparingly with that if thats the case since its best to avoid ferments right now.  If white, that means they are drying it fresh from the root.  Good.  You can use them almost freely.  It is a starch (sugar) so best to first rely on the stevia – yet in this form is can be a good back up – and provide another option for taste variety.
Is a water ioniser primarily to alkalinise the water?  
Yes, the ioniser is for alkaline producing purposes.  Of the 3 models I’m familiar with, they tend to be for minor, medium, and maximum use.  I suggest the medium use for two people.

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