Following Your Heart, Welcoming Changes & Challenges…

February 14, 2013
by Amy Rachelle

How’s your feeling heart today?  On cold winter days in NYC, staring out from my computer onto snowy Houston Street, my heart felt restless and longed for something else.  If only I knew what.  Ever feel that way?  I knew it involved warmth… which meant spending more time with those I love than my computer, a break from relentlessly working – and palm trees.  Staring out from my computer now, I see coconuts hanging from way above, my lush green garden magically gives us mangostiens, star fruits, papaya, mangoes, durian – and then there’s our  freshly planted veg garden – ah it goes on.

Sweating in my seat, I’m so very inspired to share with you.  Why?  Because my heart longs, and has longed, for the same as you… really just to share.  Following it here to Bali has been challenging in many ways, yet so ultimately rewarding that I’m thanking life everyday… and for the confirmation that when I follow my heart – I do get what I want, though it may not look like what I think I want, and it may involve some bumps and bruises along the way. Continually facing these challenges for the past few years – on a quest to live true to thyself – to live in a ceremonial culture of prayer, to experience daily warm balmy breezes, and gentle loving people – its all been worth it… and it gives me the opportunity to invite you here on retreat after finishing months of renovation on our ready retreat place.Image

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