In Control of Your Life?

September 27, 2018
by Amy Rachelle

Hello Beloveds,

Do you feel in control of your life?  What do I mean by control?  And what do I mean by a lack of it?
By control, I mean feeling:
enjoying your-self
playful, even a little naughty
feeling cared for, even if uncertain
tender, devoid of fronts
vulnerable, willing to show all yourself

By a lack of control, I mean feeling:
stressed out
not trusting life
little to no joy
emotional instability
feeling unsupported
dwelling/harboring negative emotions
not showing how you really feel 
making things ok when they aren’t
taking care of others at your own expense
emotionally armored, on guard, defensive
doing the same thing over again and expecting different results (dictionary definition of insanity)
So whether you’re feeling sane or unstable, do you have control “over” your life – in a good way – that’s bringing you the results you truly seek in all departments?
If not, to bring about different results in your life – it may be a gift to feel fed up and had enough – to be ready for change.  Getting your deeper needs met, feeling in control of your destiny, living your dreams, and going for what you’re capable of, typically requires:
1. knowing what you really want
2. getting your mind dialed into it… LETTING NOTHING STOP YOU (especially not yourself)
It’s our birthright to be healthy and happy.  Are you claiming it?  Do you receive what you pray for, or just keep working hard?
Today I got lost on a country road here in Ibiza. I took a wrong turn that lead to someones house. Realizing it, I stopped to go back, around 150 meters from the house.  As I was backed up, a big gray bulldog came charging to my car at full speed. I was a bit afraid of hitting it, until I felt a big thud in the wheel and heard: ssssssssss – the sound of air leaving the tire. Stunned, I felt the tire going flat.  Being very far out from nothing, I had to face it, and get out of my car to check the tire. Nothing would change if I just sat there, clearly. Anger can be constructive.  As I got out of the car, the dog seemed to feel it as he ran off.   The tire had quite the slash. He had head butt it with his teeth, so that it went completely flat!
The owner of the house walked towards me, telling me in Spanish – that I only barely understood – about the sign at the start of the drive saying: “beware of dog.”  I could only apologize and take responsibility for ending up there.  
Do we see the signs of life?  Sometimes we miss them, and end up down a road we didn’t intend, facing a big bulldog, with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.
No matter what happens, I get to keep taking responsibility for my humanness, learn, grown – and be more aware of the signs! 
What are the signs of your life telling you?

So what are you waiting for? If not now, when?

Love & Support!

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