Your Inner Child 

September 27, 2018
by Amy Rachelle

What is our inner child?  Do we all have one?  Sure we do, it’s that part of us that got hurt growing up, and developed certain beliefs, typically based on information made up out of hurt – that directs us for life, until questioned.  Becoming aware of this place, may help us to raise up a part of us that can otherwise sabotage our good intentions, create calamity, and keep us from what we all want most:

Being present

Peace within


Healthy relationships



Feeling effectual and alive

Being truly together

Knowing purpose and passion

Claiming our life

inner child


“a person’s supposed original or true self, especially when regarded as damaged or concealed by negative childhood experiences.”

Feeling well on time and relaxed, we arrived to the airport ready to board for the UK yesterday.   A week of events and sessions ahead, my belly dropped when I looked at the flight screen – and didn’t see our booking.  Oh no, not again.  Anthony took a deep breath, and gave me a familiar look that was a mixture of compassion and frustration.

My brain has an issue with numbers you see. Digits and detail can send my head swimming.  Flight mishaps – twice this month, $1,200 later, and much time delay – give me both an opportunity and an obstacle to confront.  How I do that is the difference between re-traumatizing the inner little one, and breaking through.

What is your inner dialogue when you realize you’ve made a costly mistake (again)?   “What’s wrong with me?”  “Why doesn’t my head work properly?”

That’s part of what I got to witness.  Then my breath kicked in, and my inner parent came through to hold the wound – that I’m otherwise not so aware of.

Anthony reminds me that my Inner Child needs my attention.  My inner what?  Oh yes, the part who rebels when I put demands on her by acting out with food and such, is naughty when I work too much (she’ll find her fun somehow), and can make very costly mistakes when I forget her and go too fast.  Yes, it’s a good thing as she shows me the root of what needs my love and care, how I can sharpen my awareness, be more present – and therefore receive the success, growth, and fulfillment I’m capable of.

How is your Inner Child calling you?  Does she ask you to tune into her/him, heal within, and invite your greater dreams?

If you love it, stay on for the 6 Steps Program (also 1 hour).

Love to you, and you little inner one.


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