Cleanse Q&A

September 14, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Student: Dear Amy,
I just wanted to update you and thank you. The cleanse went really well and I did 3 enemas 4 days running and this was the most powerful experience I have ever had with enemas. One was coffee. but i was in deep meditation and journeying with them, as profound as any plant medicine. In the spirit of doing this for my well-being and self care I created sacred space, lighting candles and incense and playing devotional music. I also set an intention each morning. One morning lasted 3 hours!! i also work with the beautiful coffee plant and the spirit of the water. My 7 days were up on Saturday but all day I really wanted something to eat so in the evening I listened to my body and had an avocado and some baby tomatoes which tasted like heaven. I have continued with juice during the day and something light at night. Last night I had such a craving for balsamic vinegar!!! I stopped having cramps in my stomach on day 6 I had been putting Baobab in my morning juice could this have caused it? The best thing has tuning into my body and allowing her voice. I am going for a colonic Wednesday. I am sure I have some candida which is why I am so sorry to miss your next webinar as I am away.I am now struggling to drink quite so much water. Would coconut water be OK?
About the flax I was OK taking that in the morning but the evening was tricky as you suggest a litre of water with it and it to the point I was up 2/3 times at night.
I have ordered a new juicer, a new improved one. My intention is to keep as clean as possible continue with green juices throughout the day.
I would love to stay connected.
Lots of love and blessings for your forthcoming wedding
PS Each morning before juicing or doing the enemas I did Anthony’s breath work
Amy: How very inspiring – and warming – to read about your experience.
I really acknowledge your ability of due diligence in your experience, and for honoring the Voice of Your Body. How very wonderful! And no matter what your choices, she’s always there… and should she not be, you know what to do to support here. This is blessed, and really significant!

Likely the cramps you spoke of were gas, though Baobab may have contributed to that –
so good you stopped taking it. If you were on an extended fast for some time, likely the
cramps would return if indeed it was just gas, and no the effect of the Baobab.
About drinking enough in a day.  Are you getting at least 4 liters in between juicing, water, and perhaps herbal tea?  This would be my suggestion, with limited amounts of coconut water, as it’s typically high in sugar.  The boxed coco water now available in the west is from hybirdized  coconuts which are – well, very full of sugar, so I suggest not going over with it…. tempting, as it is tasty!
We’ll be recording the candida webinar….
And yes about the flax seeds, I suggest continuing ongoing for some time, and best not to take them too late, as you found – you’ll likely be up peeing often in the night!
Great you’re getting a new juicer!
Love to you!!!

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