Starting Your Cleanse

August 31, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Student: Hi Amy, Thank you for Saturday’s webinar. I am now doing the juice only for 7 days, so thanks for that extra encouragement. I am just a bit confused about the enema and I can’t use the link on the manual. Could you send me the link? I am just a bit confused as to how much at one time and how often and when.

Amy: Great to hear about your juice fast! That’s exciting!

You’re referring to enemas yes? If you’re unsure how to actually do one, I suggest watching a YouTube video… on basic how to, that’s easiest.
How often? Daily while you’re fasting I suggest. When you wake up in the morning, drink a liter of water, wait about 15 minutes. Then so 3 bags in a row, so do one enema, then another right after, then a third. Once you get used to how it feels in your body, you’ll be able to sense when it feels complete and when you need to do another right after, or perhaps wait.
What’s needed and necessary is for your bowels to get saturated, both orally and rectally. That’s why drinking at least 6 liters of water, herbal tea and fresh juice is important orally – then the enemas.
If it cramps or feels uncomfortable as you insert the water, you can clamp there hose and take a bit of a break while breathing and calming your system, then proceed. Breathing, and reminding yourself you’re safe is key.
Let me know how you do!
Love, Amy

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