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February 17, 2014
by Amy Rachelle

Hey Friends!
We’re happy to announce our new affiliate program. Would you like to make up to $100-200 per person that signs up for one of our courses through you? It’s super simple to be an affiliate with us, just go to: (, and fill in a few lines, from there you’ll receive your own link for people to sign up through you. Like to put our promo banners on your site and promo material? Just drop us a line and we’ll send them to you in different choices.
Thank you!
Dr. Amy
US: 917-306-9977
Bali: 08 123 916 5702
Our next 10 Day Raw Food Chef Certification & Detox Training is coming up March 27 – April 6, Ubud, Bali!
Join myself, world famous raw food chef
extraordinaire Elaina Love (, world renowned breath work teacher, Giten Tonkov (, and more amazing guest speakers!
To learn more, and to sign up:

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