Recharging your batteries, 7 tips

February 12, 2014
by Amy Rachelle

Hello Friends,

Have you ever been – or are you now – at a low energy point? Even if it’s not obvious enough to investigate or take action, i.e. you’re not completely exhausted and unable to work and perform your usual routine – you may be suffering from a low level of adrenal fatigue. If exhaustion isn’t glaring you in the face, how will you know you’re just plain tired, and may have just gotten used to it?

Some of the symptoms we often encounter are:
-fatigue, and waking up tired
-forgetting things
-easily prone to irritability, agitation, restlessness, and defensiveness
-easily upset/emotional imbalances/depression (even slight)
-avoiding people we care about
-losing interest in: taking care of self, relationships, things we usually enjoy, and sex
-cravings and using food, caffeine, sugar, overeating, etc., to gain energy and/or experience satisfaction even though it’s hurting us
-dark circles under the eyes and puffiness, skin sagging and dry, extreme weight gain/loss + inflammation

Do you have one or more of the above symptoms? Check in and ask yourself how rested or tired you feel, down to your bones. Remember, symptoms are not the cause of why we may feel tired, off, or ill. They are a byproduct of imbalance at the core of our being – and gone unchecked they may compound and lead to not only exhaustion, yet a breakdown of the immune system– or technically speaking, the start of innervation. All living creatures run on nerve energy, electricity really, that’s why we call feeling low energy as batteries running low – in actual fact we’re low on nerve energy (electricity healthfully generated from the nervous system), and we’re becoming increasing more innervated the longer we ignore symptoms.
Are you curious about the psychology unconsciously propelling this way of life? I find it comes back to self-worth, and how we feel productive – or like we’re getting something worthy done (that will bring us something on some level) – rather than intrinsically knowing we’re good enough, just the way we are – simply just being.
So the good news is, more than likely there’s nothing wrong with you, though you just may – like many of us – just very tired (using more nerve energy than is being replenished), even though you may go about your day to day business fine. In this scenario you may just have a little less of a spark in your eye, and spring in your step.
I’m writing you know from the airport in Bangalore, India – waiting for my connecting flight to Goa where I’ll spend the next 3 weeks recovering from many of those symptoms myself. Little did I realize – in my quest to “serve others” I had lost track of truly serving myself. Amazing how it’s so easily slipped by me because I live a healthy lifestyle of eating well, exercise, meditation, and what I thought was great self-care. Seems it’s more about how I do what I do (and don’t do!) – rather than what I do, and being clear within myself of what’s motivating my actions.

So, with that, here’s 7 tips – that are working for me – to recharge your batteries and regain your zest for life:

1. Become aware of why you’re tired. This usually has to do with an unconscious story we’re replaying in life with the “overs” – over: thinking, working, committing, extending, doing, giving, spending, etc. Inevitably our batteries will become drained with more energy going out than is coming in. A question to ask ourselves: “why am I doing what I’m doing?” and “Am I truly happy and feeling nourished within myself?” and “What’s motivating my actions in terms of what I say yes to?”
2. Sleep, as much as you can, take naps, and in general cultivate a restful way of being, even in your waking state.
3. Create time and space that’s just for you. Sure self-cultivating practices like yoga/exercise, meditation, journaling, etc., are important and great for rebuilding our batteries so long as done in balance, though I highly encourage doing nothing – yes nothing at times, so self-worth can restore from just simply being rather than doing anything. May we free ourselves of doing – even with diet, yoga, meditation, writing, etc. – and JUST SIMPLY BE.
4. Slow down. Cut down on your commitments, “have-to’s”, and “I’ll be better when,” and replace them with boundaries that truly take care of you. What are your boundaries that help you to take care of yourself?
5. Know your stress triggers. What stresses you? Stay connected to yourself within, and the warning signs of your system both in how you feel emotionally and in your body to avoid “enduring” stress, rather than being sensitive to it, and heeding its warning signs (symptoms) before burn-out occurs.
6. Invest in doing things you love – don’t forget your dreams. Investing time in what nourishes the soul tends to feed us ten fold.
7. Commit to your core. Whether you feel pressured by becoming a public persona, success, being a mother and wife, a business person, teacher, or any other label you may have become identified with, remember – they’re just identities. Lose some heaviness by stripping back to who you really are, and more energy will likely result.

Here’s to staying connected within ourselves, honoring our dreams, and truly taking care, which ultimately helps to keep our batteries recharged.

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Here’s to staying connected within ourselves, honoring our dreams, and truly taking care, which ultimately helps to keep our batteries recharged. 

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