Since You've Been Home – And After Fasting

May 9, 2013
by Amy Rachelle

How’s it going now at home after our 10 day retreat together – and for many of you, after fasting?
Congratulations to our fasting crew – many of you went on for 2-3 weeks after our 5 day detox together, wow!!!  I’ve had a few requests about what to do after fasting.  Many of us are finding out that its not the fast that’s the difficult part, its after!
The most common question I’ve been hearing from our detox group:  “wow, fasting is by far the greatest thing ever – yet, now that I’m eating again, I’m wanting to eat everything, and I’m feeling really guilty about it, and even eating things I don’t usually eat.”  Ah, I soooooo understand how you feel, indeed.  Here’s an overview of what’s happening and what you can do:
***as a basis of understanding, please know that our primitive brain, located in the base of the skull, is the commander of our SNS (sympathtic nervous system, i.e. the automatic part of our bodily process).  It’s the chief of survival that does its best to keep up safe through fear and surviving responses that are often operating from outdated information.  When we begin to fast, change our diet, or in general embark upon self-journeying, our True Self has got to get past the doorways of the protective primitive brain… this isn’t without its hiccups at times (i.e. why we self-sabotage, go against our intuition and true desires, and even feel like we’re going backwards sometimes).  Don’t worry – this is all a part of the process.  Here’s a few reasons why:
-one, your body has just dumped a load of toxins/acidity… while continuing to cleanse, your system to using its alkaline reserves to keep your system strong – that’s one of the reasons why you don’t feel so hungry.
-two, when you come off a fast (or eating healthy), your body has to not only deal with the back log of toxins it wasn’t finished with – yet, it also has to compensate for what’s coming in (including stresses)… so it has double duty – and yes, this will make even the sturdiest of soldiers hungry.  This is your body asking for minerals – to replenish what it used in the fasting period.  You’re ok, this is natural.  Some suggestions:
-what to do if you find yourself overeating and/or eating foods off your healthy list?
1.  Accept it.  Acceptance has a way of allowing the mind to release tension, pressure, and self-inflicted ideas of what health is, that may or may not be accurate.  It gives you the opportunity to join the human club that we’re all a member of – and let go of the perfection party that we can never really be good enough for.  Does that explain why you may not feel good enough at times?  If you haven’t already – let go and accept yourself as is – and you may find a new found freedom that allows you to go even deeper in your growth, with much more pliability.
2.  Recommit to your goals.  Review your goals and reasses what’s realistic for you given other commitments in your life… be sure you’re allowing for a step by step process in your personal transformation (yes, that’s what it is this dietary shift thing), and you give yourself permission to integrate – instead of self-flaggelate (punish).
3.  Seek Support.  What are the healthy minded groups, friends, and support systems in your area who share similar needs for health and happiness as you?  Please don’t under estimate the need for support – the time of the lone wolf is of the past.  We all do need one another – just because we have needs, doesn’t make us needy.  By getting in touch with your needs for support and those who share your health passion, you may choose instead for the salad, instead of the steak – or the other way around if that’s what TRULY honors you!
So whether you were in our 5 day chef or 5 day detox group or both – really, all 3 points above could be of great help. And ultimately, my biggest advice is this:  BE SURE TO LISTEN TO THAT STILL VOICE INSIDE THAT’S GUIDING YOUR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING.  When it says “put the fork down” or “reach out” or “take time for yourself”, etc…. please be sure to listen… as you know, that’s the part of you that has no agenda, that is always there for your higher good, and it gets stronger by acting upon it.
Please feel free to drop a line if I can be of help to you!
Big hugs!
Love & Support,

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