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May 28, 2013
by Amy Rachelle

Q :
hi amy,
the tests from the parasite doctor is :
E.histolytica (amoeba)
i do not know more as doctor does not give results in person,
all kind of obscure…
i should take paromomycin 250 mg for ten days
tindexmax 500mg for 3 days
what do you think?
am thinking of starting treatment in bali.
lots of love
A :
Wow – ok, that can be a serious parasite.  I’ve seen a few clients with it who
have different symptoms.  Its good you’re catching now as it can become very
threatening over time.
Its possible you can talk with Dr. Cahill directly.  I suggest asking the receptionist
for a time when you can talk with him (I haven’t ever paid for that) – in person – or
if you can call him… he tends to be available around 7:30 in the mornings.
As far as the meds go, I suggest taking them, and yes, waiting till you get to Bali –
after that, I suggest doing a thorough cleanse, and ending with a heavy dose of probiotics.
I recommend order 2 bottles of Master Blend in powder form and 2 bottles of Innate probiotics (the
one with the highest flora count) from Live Live in NYC… they can probably ship it to you before
you leave on the 2nd.  It’s in the east village.  212-505-5504.
Please do let me know if you need any help with moving forward on your diagnosis.  Also, there’s another lab you may want to do a cross check with – I’ve had another client find more critters through him because they are testing and treating with a parasite specialist in Nigeria, that apparently tests more in depth.  You would go through Dr. Wilcox in New Mexico…  I highly recommend this – the type of parasite you have may created an invitation to other parasites that Dr. Cahills test isn’t picking up, I have seen this with another client.
June 4
here my suggestions about your treatment in bold:

i have purchased antibiotics, probiotics and master blend,
a hello from the woman in store bee yummy!
>That’s great!
should i take it same time as medication?
>no, I suggest waiting till after you finish the antibiotics.  Once you finish them, I suggest fasting for 5-7 days – mega dose on green juice, at least 4 liters per day, and any other superfoods you have – like the moringa, good to take 2 teaspoons each day, then on the 3rd day I suggest starting the probiotics.. you could take 1 scoop of master blend, and 8 capsules of the Innate (open capsules into your mouth, hold for a few minutes and swallow). Do this twice daily till one bottle of each probiotic is finished.
amy, do you think i need to get second test, or can i be confident with results dr cahill?
(i will try to call him monday morning)
i kind of want to get the critters out, and get on with it…
>It’s always good to have a second opinion to cross check.  In this past month, I had a client who was very sick for a long time, Dr. Cahill only found 1 parasite with her – this person found Dr. Wilcox and he diagnosed her with a whole slue of them… so, this is why I suggest double checking.  I am checking into getting this testing available in Bali as part of my practice… more to come on this.
guess just want confirmation from you…
always nervous taking such strong antibiotics.
>I understand.  I feel the exact same way and wouldn’t suggest it – though I haven’t found anything more affective yet.  Parasites are tenacious, and very hard to get rid of thoroughly often with particular species, that’s why I suggest being as thorough and affective as possible, taking no chances or shooting in the dark – which I feel is the case with many herbal parasite protocols, especially if the person hasn’t been properly diagnosed to start with.
Have a good trip and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.
Love, Amy
June 20 
Q :

am just about finished with the antibiotics..
okay though have bad runny nose, sinus my weak area…
i do have master blend but not the innate probiotics…
i do have another one from new york with 50 billion+++
the strongest they had…. should i use int he same way as the innate..?
they are in normal capsule form.
and hugs
A :
June 21

Once you’re finished with antibiotics, I suggest you stop the probiotics, and juice fast so you’re body can eliminate he mucous (what you call sinus congestion). You’re ready to break the fast once you’re no longer running mucous (snot), be sure to do regular enemas and colonics – plus your other circulation practices. Once the mucous stop and at least 2 days before eating, start mega dosing on the probiotics you have (about 8 in the morning and same at night). Be sure to take hem out of the capsules, empty into your mouth, hold it in your saliva for at least 30 seconds and swallow.
The fact that your acne is clearing indicates the culprit was the parasite, I’m not surprised. Great! Your on your way to a whole other level of health with your new practices. Congratulations!Love, Amy
Q :
June 21
thanks amy…

will do my best to follow your advice Emoji
still have little acne but seems to clear much faster…
previously some of my pimples could last six months, or longer, if i did’t have them injected/pierced by
a doctor….
i will be so happy if that problem is resolved!
not sure yet…
hope you are well..
lots of love
A :
June 21

It can take up to 3 months for the treatment to be complete after you’ve
finished taking the medication… you’ll probably continue to see improvements
as time goes on – especially by doing the cleanse that I spoke of, this is really
essential… just do the best you can.  Getting the meds out is very important,
even if you just do a few days… emptying your bowels will ensure the little critters

get out and don’t have a just to renest/recycle in your system.  Best to be thorough

when it comes to parasites, they are no joke, and leave us host to others if not

thoroughly washed out of the system, you’re cleansing and colonics will do that.

Hang in there – you’re just about there!

ps : For all the mucous drainage you mentioned – I suggest using a netti pot on

each nostril.  This will help wash all the mucous out thoroughly –

its not only more efficient so you’re not constantly blowing your nose, its also a

much more complete way to eliminate “sinus” (actually lung) mucous. 
What is a netti?
It’s a tea pot of sorts with a long spout angling onto your nose once u fill it with water – it will dramatically help in washing the mucous out.

Love, Amy

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